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Slim Nylon Adjustable Vertical ID Badge Holder Neck Wallet with Display Window and Zipper Pocket (SPID-1210)

Product Price: $6.50 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: SPID-1210

  • Quick Access To Your Essentials like ID, Cash, Bus Pass and Credit Cards
  • Perfect Length 17 ½ Inch Lanyard for Perfect Display and Easy Access
  • Well Made of Strong Nylon - Lanyard is Sewn In to Holder
  • Slim Vertical Badge Holder - Holds Up to 3 Standard Cards in Front Pocket and Cash, Change or Key in Back Zipper Pocket
  • 2 ¼ x 3 ¼ Vinyl Display Window Allows Unobstructed View of Your Entire Access Card (Outside Measurements: 3 1/8" Wide (80mm) X 5" Tall (125mm))

Slim Nylon ID Badge Holder Neck Wallet with Vertical Front Display Window, Back Zipper Pocket & Perfect Length Lanyard (SPID-1210)

Meet Mr. Slim... Our compact, sturdy, comfortable vertical hanging badge holder! It is the perfect, light weight accessory to wear around town, at theme parks, outdoor activities, on vacation, at the office, for educators, nurses, airport employees and more.


The front pocket holds up to a 3 standard cards (credit cards, photo ID, hotel key, buss pass, business cards, etc.) with a top card display window allowing for quick visibility and easy access. It has a hidden, secure back zipper pocket for coin change, dollar bills or a key.


At a perfect length (17 1/2" Length), this lanyard is great for most body types and keeps your badge hanging around or above your belly button, instead of way down around your waist and is adjustable.

Our ID badge holding neck wallets help to keep it simple and functional with less clutter in your pockets so you can be hands free while on the go.