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T-Reign Medium Black Outdoor Retractable Gear Tethers (0TRG-42X)

T-Reign Medium Black Outdoor Retractable Gear Tethers (0TRG-42X)

$19.95 ea. $19.95 ea.

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Attatchment Type: Hook & Loop Strap
Part number: 0TRG-423
Minimum Quantity Sold in Packs of

Sorry we only have 23 currently available. Please adjust the quantity or contact us to check lead times for larger orders. Please contact us to confirm lead times and availability.


  • Part number: 0TRG-423
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA, Lifetime Service Policy
  • Quick Disconnect Feature and Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • Rugged 36" Kevlar Cord
  • 6 oz. Retraction Force
  • Part Numbers: #TRMDCL (Belt Clip), #TRMDST (Hook & Loop Strap) #TRMDCA (Carabiner)
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T-Reign Medium Black Outdoor Retractable Gear Tethers (0TRG-42X)

These T-Reign medium outdoor retractable gear tethers, part numbers, 0TRG-42X are approximately 1 3/4" in circumference and have a 36" kevlar cord that can retract swiss army knives, flashlights, and other tools and electronics that weigh up to 6oz. It's a practical accessory for hikes, camping trips and the great outdoors, since you can fasten them onto your belt loop or the straps on your hiking bag to keep your hands free and your tools ready to go.

We have three different attachment styles for you to choose from. The steel carabiner, the steel belt clip, and the hook and loop strap. All come with stainless steel spring and hardware. The steel carabiner and the hook and loop strap can be secured to "D" rings, straps bars, and more, while the steel belt clip easily slides onto belts and straps.Made with weather-proof materials for use in all types of environments.

You can use the stainless steel loop to attach your items to the T-Reign gear tether. The quick disconnect gear attachment lets you remove and re-attach your items. Simply pinch the two black flaps together and to quickly unbuckle your tools, and afterwards slide it back into place to keep your items secured. This T-Reign comes is designed and assembled in the USA and built to last with a lifetime service policy from the manufacturer.

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