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Top Load Rigid Clear Vertical Badge Holder (AC-915)

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Part number: AC-915

- Sold Individually

  • Rigid Badge Holder
  • Vertical
  • Outside Dimensions: 3.75" X 2.25"
  • Holds One Standard ID/ Credit Card
  • Card Inserts from Top For Ultimate Security
  • One Thumb Notch
  • Clear Display
  • P/N AC-915

Top Load Rigid Clear Vertical Badge Holder (AC-915)

Protect your photo ID from outdoor elements with this rigid and sturdy clear badge holder, part number AC-915. Never worry about losing it again, or seeing it get muddy or dusty. We all want to make sure our ID is safe and will last a long time.


A Badge Holder for A Worker On The Go

Are you an employee in a busy workplace, where you are constantly on call? Are you a nurse or doctor in a hospital? A cop on duty? Or are you a government employee that needs your ID on hand? Even better, are you an employer who wants to encourage safety compliance?

Perhaps you are worried about people tailgating, or those who follow legitimate employees to workplaces and wait for the right door to open. Tailgating is a growing concern for those who want to prevent crime at the workplace, such as theft of equipment. You want to make sure that employees can safely identify who they are, and prevent strangers from taking advantage of a security breach.

In any case, you want a badge holder that can suit your hectic lifestyle, and to provide your photo ID at a second’s convenience. We have you and your fellow employees covered. Make entering the workplace easier, and know that your ID is safe and in good hands. Rather, they’ll be around a good neck.

ID badge holders are also good for setting work compliance standards. Employees can keep their ID on them all the time while entering and leaving designated buildings, and reduce the amount of potential tailgating or unauthorized individuals trying to gain entrance. Permanent employees and contractors can reassure security guards and automatic locks that they have come to work there. Having a good badge holder can prevent breaches in

Alternatively, a rigid plastic badge holder is also good for work-related events. Whether at a cocktail party or on a business trip, you want to make sure your ID is safe when showing to an usher or security detail. It can survive hours in an unfamiliar building, or during a loud celebration. In short, it is something that you need.

A good ID holder will allow you to hand on to your work badge so that you won’t have to fumble for it when going to your business or workplace. This particular holder is designed for utmost protection, with stiff plastic to protect your ID. Look professional all the time, in and out of the office.

This vertical badge holders can carry and display one standard credit card sized photo ID vertically. It’s designed to last so that you can save on temporary paper IDs and reduce plastic waste.

Your card easily inserts from the top, for utmost security, and holds in place until removed. The cut out thumb slot allows for easy removal to use the card as needed. Insert size 2 1/8" X 3 3/8" (54 X 86mm)

Features slot holes to attach to your favorite lanyard, badge reel or neck chain. Customize as you wish, so that you can add some durability or personality to your holder. If your employer requires branded lanyards, or you wish to purchase them for your employees, these slot holes will also accommodate that.

Find Out More From Specialist ID

Specialist ID wants to provide material that protects your ID and displays it in a convenient manner. We can suggest the best lanyards and reels that can go with the vertical badge holder, as well as other options.

Contact us today. Our experts are very excited to help you choose the perfect material for your workday security.


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