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Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner (001)

Product Price: $7.25 ea. Sold Individually

Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hours
Part number: 00101SURFSAFEBLACK

  • Dimensions: H/W/L: 0.83 x 3.503 x 4.128 in.
  • Solid color
  • Secure waterproof container for ID cards, cash, credit cards, etc.
  • Nylon lanyard with breakaway clip and carabiner
  • Crush resistant shell
  • Patented angle design
  • Part Numbers: 00101 Black, 00102 Blue, 00103 Yellow, 00105 Green, 00106 Red, 00108 Pink, 00109 Purple

Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner (001)

This witz waterproof surf safe with breakaway lanyard and carabiner, part number 001, is one of the most secure waterproof ID badge holders available on the market. From water parks and water rapids, to sandy beaches and more, the witz sports case will protect your ID’s, hotel keys, cash, and other small items in a virtually indestructible, waterproof crush-resistant plastic shell that even floats. To use, simply unlock the clip, stash your items inside, and snap it together again.

Although this waterproof ID holder is small enough to fit into a purse or bag, it comes with both a carabiner and a nylon lanyard for more carrying options. The nylon neck lanyard has a safety breakaway clip that will allow the lanyard to snap apart if snagged or snared, but can then snap back together afterwards. The carabiner can be attached to either a belt loop, bag strap, or anything else it can clip on to.

The O-ring on the sports case will keep both water and dust at bay. The solid, bold-color around the waterproof ID badge holder keeps your items private. The patented Witz angle design helps absorb impact in case the badge holder drops.