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Large Black Oxidized Split Key Ring - 1 1/8" Inch Size - Heavy Duty Premium Key Ring (6920-1010)

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Part number: 6910-1010

    • 1 1/8" Large Key Ring
    • Black Oxidized & Heat Treated
    • Durable and Long Lasting
    • Great Multi-Purpose Ring - Crafts, Keychains and More

Large Black Oxidized Split Key Ring - 1 1/8" Inch Size - Heavy Duty Premium Key Ring (6920-1010)

These extra large 1 1/8" heat treated split key rings are super strong and sturdy for your everyday needs. Skip the shiny traditional silver color rings and be a little edgy with the oxidized metal look. The benefits of heat treated steel are increased strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance which makes them harder to bend or break. This process basically alters the micro-structure of the steel by exposing the steel to high temperature for a certain period and then quenching it (rapidly cool). The product is nickel plated after the treatment to provide corrosion resistance and oxidized to give it the Industrial look.

Great for crafts, great for the office, or for any project that requires lots of reliable key rings.

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