12 Fun Badge Reels for Teachers

12 Fun Badge Reels for Teachers

Across the country, counties are moving to Phase 2 and Phrase 3 of pandemic protocols and with that comes a return to the classroom. 

In-person learning means teachers and children will be going back to school as the second quarter begins. And just as parents are now scrambling to buy school supplies, restock masks, and reacquaint children with how to behave in a classroom, teachers are also in a whirl to transfer from virtual to onsite learning. 

With that comes a need to get their classrooms in order and restock supplies. Paper, crayons, and craft supplies are one thing. But teachers also have to return to their school uniforms and with them the ever present ID badges. 

A requisite item required in most schools by all staff, these utilitarian tools don’t have to be boring accessories. 

Today there are all kinds of ways to dress up badges and one of the easiest ways is with badge reels. A retractable cord attached to an attachment, badge reels make flashing IDs more efficient and keep the important identification on hand at all times. Sure, badge reels sound about as sexy as a tool belt, but as it turns out they can actually be personalized, customized, and accessorized to add some flair to an otherwise nondescript item. 

Need proof? Here are 12 fun badge reels for teachers.

Patriotic Heart Flag Badge Reel with Belt Clip

In public school classrooms across the country, saying the Pledge of Allegiance each day is required. Teachers can continue the lesson on patriotism and American history by wearing a badge reel decorated with a heart flag. This badge reel has a belt clip attached to it so it can easily slide onto any kind of belt. 

Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

For any teacher who has been touched by breast cancer, this badge reel is a beautiful way to subtly spread awareness for this disease. A rotating spring clip lets it smoothly be pulled out and it can easily attach to any garment, so the wearer isn’t limited to wearing it on their belt. This is a great option during October during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Autism Awareness Badge Reel

Whether someone teaches special education or is just an advocate for autism spectrum disorder, this Autism Awareness reel is a great way to signal support for those in the Autism community. Best of all, this badge reel doubles as a lanyard attachment making it super versatile for the individual wearing it. 

T-Reign Small Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether

Teachers’ lives aren’t limited to the classroom. And for those who enjoy the sporting life, this outdoor-friendly badge reel is just the ticket. Not only can it hold an ID badge, it can also carry a mini flashlight, multi-tool or compass up to 4 ounces thanks to its 24" kevlar cord that can retract lightweight tools, mini flashlights, mini multi-tools and a compass that weigh up to 4oz. It's a practical accessory for hikes, camping trips, fishing and the great outdoors. 

ONE LOVE Patriotic B-Reel with Swivel Clip

If there’s one thing teachers try to convey to their students, beyond their ABCs, multiplication tables, and basic science, it’s that every student has value and can be whatever they want to be. This One Love badge reel supports that idea and lets children know they’re dealing with a teacher who sees each of them as unique and valuable individuals. 

Key-Bak #481BSC-FK Duty Gear Retractor

This badge reel may have been designed for law enforcement, but it’s just as ideal for school administration members. Often the ones who have to hold the keys to all manner of spaces within a school, this Key-Bak keeps everything in order while looking sharp.

Black EK Retract-A-Cat Lanyard and Key Ring (10449) by EK USA

Teachers are well versed in how to improvise. When a lesson goes awry or interest in a topic wanes, they know how to pivot. So they need a badge reel that can adjust with them like this Specialist ID Retract-A-Cat variety that can be worn on a rugged black lanyard or detached via an easy-to-use breakaway clasp.

Translucent Blue Square Retractable Badge Reel With Spring Clip

Want to add a little fun to your badge reel usage? This translucent blue option lets you watch its 34 inches extend and retract. 

Heart Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip 

Show some love — be it Valentine’s Day or any day — with this charming pink heart badge reel that can be attached to a pocket, lapel or belt.

T-Reign Heavy Duty Large Integrated Carabiner with Key Ring and 48" Cord

Teaching is a hands-free operation. Teachers need to be able to reach for assignments, flip through PowerPoints, and direct students without anything getting in their way. That’s why this badge reel is so perfect for them. It can hold 8 ounce sof gear — a cellphone — on its cord. 

Carabiner Badge Reels

Seventy-six percent of public school teachers are women according to the National Center for Statistics on Education. So? So some women may not want to wear a badge reel on their clothing. This carabiner badge reel gives the option of attaching it to something else, say a purse or a book bag.

B-REEL Badge Reel with swivel belt clip

Teachers are constantly moving. The last thing they need is a badge reel flapping around. Instead, this B-REEL stays in place thanks to a no twist design that holds it in place. Ideal for any educator, this will help keep kids’ attention focused on the task at hand. 

 Whatever your needs are for this school year and next, SpecialistID has you covered. Contact us if you need help with your order!

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