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Black EK Retract-A-Cat Lanyard and Key Ring (10449) by EK USA

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Part number: 10449-Black

- Sold Individually

  • Breakaway Lanyard
  • Badge Reel with a Belt Buckle and Key Ring for Keys and ID Badges
  • Rugged 100% Nylon Rope
  • Black Color

Black Breakaway “Retract -a- Cat Lanyard” by EK USA

This is a rugged black 100% nylon braided breakaway lanyard that rests comfortably below your chest and features a 1 ¼” badge reel (slightly larger than a quarter) with a key ring at the end, so you can keep your attached keys or ID badge safely in front of you while remaining easily accessible for use. The rugged plastic badge reels cord extends to 24” (609mm) and then slides back into place on its own accord, making it a convenient method for people that need to keep their keys handy at all times for locks and/or swiping ID badges through POV readers and other electronic card reader systems. At 17” (431 mm) in length, this 10449 will rest your items just below your chest.

This breakaway lanyard comes in all black so it suits a professional environment and is also stylish enough for everyday use. Because it was made with safety in mind it comes with a rubber attachment which can break apart if the lanyard becomes snagged and can choke the person wearing it. Although EK USA cautions its users not to unnecessarily provoke this function because it cannot be re-attached, I’ve found that it still can be put back together and hold your ID Badge Holder or keys, but do not recommend you performing this action unless it is absolutely necessary. To use this “Retract -a-Cat” black breakaway lanyard, simply attach place it around your neck and then attach your keys or badge reel through the ring and it will be ready for use. The badge reel features a belt clip on the back so if you’d like to you can attach the reel onto your clothes, belt, lapel, or pocket. Check out our video demonstration we’ve provided below to see it in action.


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