12 Photo ID Badges for Construction Workers

12 Photo ID Badges for Construction Workers

For construction workers, safety comes first. That applies to everything they do, from triple checking that equipment is in top condition and ready to be used, to wearing steel toed boots to avoid foot injuries. Naturally, avoiding obstructive clothing and accessories is equally important. You can’t build a roof or install flooring if you have an ID badge flapping in front of your hands. 

That’s why Specialist ID, the leader in badge products, offers alternatives particularly well crafted for the construction profession. Here we’ll look at 12 photo ID badges that make working construction just a little bit easier.

1. SPID Secure Fuel Card Holder with Key Ring

The things we all carry around every day — keys, credit cards, cellphones, etc.—need to be securely harnessed when you’re working construction. The same goes for an ID badge. That’s why the SPID Secure Fuel Card Holder is a great alternative. Not only can it hold an ID, it can also hold a construction worker’s keys, keeping everything in one place so it can be easily stored in a pocket.

2. Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder with Badge Reel

The beauty of Carhartt pants, often worn by construction workers, is that they have a signature hammer loop to carry the all-important tool. But you don’t have to use it just for hammers. You can also use it with a carabiner attachment to strap on this Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder for easy access at all times. 

3. Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Elastic Band and Hook and Loop

For dangerous jobs on big construction sites where ID badges are required, a lanyard can be a liability. Instead, the Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder places the essential identification tool on a construction worker’s arm. The flexible elastic can be adjusted to fit each individual while allowing hands-free use.  

4. Lock-A-Reel Self Locking PIV Card Reel

This Specialist ID Lock-A-Reel Self Locking PIV Card Reel is a two-fold win for construction workers. First, it can attach onto a belt with its belt clip. Second, when stretched out, it locks in place. This allows the user to scan it in a computer reader without having to wrestle the retraction feature. When the wearer is ready to retract the reel, they simply push the button and it retracts. 

5. 4 x 3 Vinyl Badge Holder with Clothing Friendly Bulldog Clip

Construction sites often have to host visitors, be it media, stakeholders, or service providers like plumbers or electricians. Keeping tabs on who is on site is critical both to the safety and security of those working around a construction site. For easy identification, Specialist ID’s classic 4 x 3 Vinyl Badge Holder with Clothing Friendly Bulldog Clip is an obvious choice. Quickly print name badges and hand them out when a new person arrives. 

6. Premium Magnetic Pocket Two Card Holder

When working on high scaffolding, there’s always a risk of falling—or of objects falling, for that matter. The last thing a construction worker needs is for things in their own pockets to fall out. The Premium Magnetic Pocket Two Card Holder ensures that gravity won’t get the best of an ID card by holding two cards in place on either side of a pocket via magnets. 

7. Semi-Rigid Convertible Card Holder


For a construction foreman, the need to ditch the work clothes for more formal looks might be required and with that comes a need for badge holder alternatives. Rather than buying multiple badge holders, the Semi-Rigid Convertible Card Holder gives multiple positioning options in one. You can wear it on a lanyard, on a badge reel, or to secure a belt, while still keeping the ID visible at all times. 

8. Multi-Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Lanyard

At high security sites, more than just an ID badge might be required. A construction worker may need to carry many kinds of credentials and those are documents you don’t just want to slide into your back pocket. With the Multi-Pocket Credential Neck Wallet, you can keep your ID face forward while carrying important credentials behind it.

9. Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder

Being able to swiftly scan an ID card to access a construction site is important to construction workers. That’s why Specialist ID created the Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder. By only holding half the card, the ID badge can be easily swiped through to access a construction site. 

10. Frosted Vertical Rigid ID Badge Holder with Red Extractor Slide

Digging in an ID badge holder to remove an ID is neither a good look nor an effective use of time. So don’t do it. Instead, use the Frosted Vertical Rigid ID Badge and gently slide the red extractor to remove an ID badge quickly and efficiently. 

11. Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder

Ah, the elements. Construction workers are exposed to them every day. Rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine, they’re expected to show up and get the job done. But that doesn’t mean their ID cards should be waterlogged. The Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder protects important ID cards, documents, money, or anything else a construction worker needs to keep safely protected.

12. Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic

The latest in ID technology, the Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Classic actually obscures an ID when not in use and blocks RFID chips in cards from being read without permission. This clever tool is great for construction workers who are working on private projects that need to be kept under wraps.

To find the ID badge holder that’s right for you, check out specialistid.com.

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