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Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder with Badge Reel - Retractable ID Lanyard Features Belt Clip & Carabiner - Rigid Vertical CAC Holder - Top Load Holds Three Cards by SpecialistID

Product Price: $8.99 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: SPID-9880-ROYAL

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  • Rugged Badge Holder with Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reel
  • Fully enclosed THREE card badge holder, all cards load from top (Can Hold 3 Standard Credit Card Sized Badges)
  • Front Badge is visible through front window of badge holder, while back two cards are discretely kept together in the back holding compartment
  • Sliding Mechanism on back side of badge holder has two movable levers to lift up either the single front card or back two cards for retrieval.
  • Great for professions who use multiple ID badges and access cards on a regular basis (Airports, Inspectors, Government Employees and More)
  • Retractable Reel has a Belt Clip and Carabiner Clip for attaching to belt loops, clothing pockets, bag straps and more

Hard Plastic 3 Card Badge Holder with Badge Reel (SPID-9880)

Keep your essential access cards accessible and securely attached using this three card, rugged badge holder with retractable badge reel. 

Similar to our SPID-9070, this modified version changes the lanyard attachment to a retractable badge reel in either an elegant black or cool blue color option. The retractable reel has a belt clip and carabiner attachment allowing you to clip your multi-card holder to your belt, belt loop, front shirt pocket, shoulder strap, purse strap and more!
The rugged three card badge holder allows hold of up to three standard credit sized cards. Only the front card is displayed through a clear window while back two cards are discretely hidden in back holding compartment. All cards are accessible by sliding up either of the lever mechanisms in back to lift which of the desired set of cards is needed for easy access. 
*Ideal use for Military, Corporate, Government, Police & Contractors who use smart chip ID and proximity / RFID cards for security and access.