25 Ways to Use Your Badge Reel

25 Ways to Use Your Badge Reel

There was a time when—unless you worked at TGIFridays—an ID badge was nothing more than a place to put your name. 

Not so anymore. 

Now, with the ubiquitous use of ID badges in schools, hospitals, construction sites and beyond, badge wearers have realized they can make their badges an extension of their personalities, especially with the use of badge reels

Badge reels are the retractable clips that connect to a lanyard or belt and allow the user to pull their ID out quickly and either use it as proof of identification or scan it into a door. But more than just a functional tool, badge reels can now be used to perk up a uniform and express someone’s personality, favorite activities, or attitude. 

dog shaped badge reel

Source: Hillary's Handcrafted on Etsy

With tons of creative badge reels on the market, personalizing an ID badge has never been easier. To prove it, here are 25 ways to use your badge reels.

Support a Good Cause
There are many badge reels that allow the user to show their support for an important cause. Case in point: SpecialistID’s Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip.

Cheer on Your Favorite Team
Big Seahawks fan? Let your clients or patients know with the subtle addition of a Seahawks badge reel, like this one on Etsy. Name any team and you’ll likely find a corresponding badge reel to go with it online. 

Announce Your Title
Are you the doctor on call? Give your patients a clue before you even say hello with this Heart Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip. A clear indication that you work in the medical community, it gives a visual clue.

Take Care of Business by Locking Your Reel in Place
The retraction element of a badge reel is helpful, but sometimes you just need to grab your badge and hold it in place. That’s easy with the Heavy Duty Retractable Ratchit Keychain Tether Reel for Multiple Keys with Belt Clip and Locking Feature

Promote Your Business
With customizable badge reels from SpecialistID, you can easily have staff promote your business. Use your logo, tagline, or graphic and put it on each staff member’s badge reel with Custom Max Label Badge Reel with 1 Inch Smooth Face and Swivel Spring Clip.

Share Your Motto
If you have a personal life motto or words you live by, you can keep that message on your every day by putting it on a customized badge reel. Custom Printed No Twist Carabiner Badge Reel - Upload Your Logo not only has a carabiner for easy attachment to pants, a coat, or lanyard, it can be purchased separately or in a pack of up to 2,500.

Move It Around
With some badge reels, you can only wear them on a lanyard, but with the https://www.specialistid.com/products/no-twist-badge-reel-with-carabiner-and-belt-clip-704-clp, you can clip it on your belt, a breast pocket or jacket. Being able to move the badge position while still being able to reel it out can be a bonus for people working in some industries.

Dress Up an Outfit

badge reel gear retractor
Not all badge reels are utilitarian tools. Badge reel fashions are evolving and the Key-Bak Duty Gear Retractor adds a level of sophistication to the required accessory. Mounted on a handsome leather strap, this badge reel attaches around a belt, allowing it to blend into an outfit, not stick out.

Celebrate the Holidays
Want to show your enthusiasm for Halloween? There’s a badge reel for that. Love Christmas? There’s a badge reel for that. Anti-Valentine’s there’s probably a badge reel for that too. If you are a seasonally minded person, Etsy has a badge reel for every holiday, like this personalized Halloween option. 

Show Your Sense of Humor
Have a wicked sense of humor? Known for always having a laugh. Make your badge reel an extension of that attitude with a funny image or phrase, say for instance this startled cat badge reel on Etsy. 

Wear Your Heart on Your Reel
Are you a nurse working with children and want to make them feel safe and taken care of? This “Boo Boo Crew” badge says it all. 

Autism Awareness Badge
As mentioned before, supporting a cause on your badge reel is a great way to make your priorities known. This specific badge does just that by supporting Autism Awareness. It’s also a subtle way to signal to a patient or client that you understand their concerns if they have an autistic friend or family member. 

Put Your Best Face Forward
Some ID badges can flip around obscuring your name to clients or patients. Avoid that fuss with this B-REEL Badge Reel with swivel belt clip. It’s clever design ensures your ID will always face forward.

Put Equality Front & Center
Equal rights critical to you? Let everyone know with this pride badge real that reads Equality

Show Off the Family
Wallet photos are so 1998. Go modern by showcasing your beautiful family with a custom photo badge reel. 

The Badge for Those Who Wear the Badge
Little known fact to civilians: Law enforcement staff wear wide belts. To harness a badge they need a different gear retractor. Luckily, this SpecialistID badge reel is to the job. 

Check Your Spidey Senses
Spiderman your favorite character? Rock your love of the Spider-verse with this badge reel featuring the webbed one. 

Promote Puppy Love
Love your pooch something fierce. Then put that beautiful K9 on your badge reel with this customizable option that comes in the same of your dog’s head. 

Keep it on the Downlow

badge reel
Badge reels and the items you carry on them can get noisy. Avoid that with the Key-Bak #1BP Leather Key Silencer Heavy Duty Retractor. The SpecialistID reel’s leather protector allows keys and/or items to be protected from theft and noise.

Give a Caffeine Warning
Need a good three cups before interacting with anyone? Warn coworkers and clients with a badge reel that lets them know you run on black coffee. 

Go Joe (Exotic)
If you love a good binge of a series, profess your devotion with a humorous TV-themed badge reel. Say, for instance, this one of Joe Exotic, star of Netflix’s “Tiger King” series. 

Keep Your Keys Handy
Sure you have to carry that ID badge everywhere but you also always need your keys too. Put them together on this Badge Reel With Belt Clip & Key Ring that kills two birds with one stone.

Apply Your Lipstick Using Your Badge Reel
Need a fresh coat of gloss? Just hold up the Silver Chrome Plastic Badge Reel With Belt Clip and it doubles as a mirror. 

Catch a Fish
This darling badge reel doesn’t just broadcast your love of fishing, it allows you to catch a fish each time you reel it back in. 

Take Note
Never go searching for a pen or pencil again when you’re wearing the Retractable Pen / Pencil Holder with Ratcheting "Stay Open" Pull Cord. It holds a pencil right on the end for easy note taking. 

Want more badge reel options, visit SpecialistID for a huge inventory of choices.

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