3 Must Have Key-Bak ID Badge Reel Accessories for Your ID Badges

At Specialist ID, a badge holder and accessory distributor based in Miami, Florida, we sell all types of badge holders like lanyards, badge reels, Badge Buddies and more. We even sell heavy-duty badge reels.

While our heavy-duty badge reels certainly hold their own and are stronger than the standard badge reels we carry, there is actually another brand of heavy-duty badge reels that we offer that specialize in carrying a considerable amount of weight without straining the compartment where the actual reel is.

1. The Key-Bak Line of Badge Reels

While our Standard Heavy-Duty Badge Reel has a chain instead of a nylon cord, and a stronger spring that enables you to carry a little more weight on your reel, you're still limited to how much more weight you can actually carry. For some professions, this might be sufficient but for uses that require a considerable amount of weight, we recommend the Key-Bak line.

2. Key-Bak SIDEKICK ID Badge Reel with Key Ring (0KB1-0A21)

This multi-purpose badge reel can hold an identification (ID) badge and up to 6 keys or up to 4 oz. of keys and other items. Its 1 3/8 in diameter equipped with a 24 Kevlar cord. The badge strap is made of vinyl and it has a twist-free fitting. This particular model starts off at $8.54 but can be purchased as low as $6.75 depending on how many units you order.

3. Key-Bak Super 48 Heavy Duty Key Reel with Belt Clip (S48K)

Now, THIS is what we mean by heavy-duty! This extra-large badge reel measures at 2 3/8. The actual case is made of polycarbonate, a material used for Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards for protective eyewear in industrial settings and even as a shatter-proof lens for children. With this keychain, you can attach up to 15 keys that is equivalent to 8-10 oz.

This model has a longer Kevlar cord measuring at 48 long and comes with a Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturer. It is also worth mentioning that this badge reel is designed, assembled, and made in the United States. This model starts off at $12.99 a unit, but depending on how many you purchase, it can go as low as $10.26.

Watch a demonstration video about how the S48K badge holder works:

And if 15 key chains aren't enough, ask our customer service department about model S48-SDK that will hold up to 22 key chains, or 13-15 oz. Here, the Kevlar cord is going to be a bit shorter to balance the weight at 36.

4. Key-Bak Original Super 48 Key Reel with Leather Belt Loop (S48-LEK)

Extend the life of your belt with a badge reel that doesn't scathe or fray the exterior of your belt with a badge reel with a leather loop that snaps securely around your own belt. This model is very similar to S48K. The only difference is how you attach it to your person. With the leather belt, the S48-LEK starts off at $15.29 each but can be purchased as low as $12.08 a unit, and again, this is contingent on how many you order.

View a full video demonstration on how the S48-LEK works here:

For other Key-Bak models, visit Specialist ID online catalog here. You can also talk to one of our representatives online or on the phone by calling 1-800-380-6726 today.

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