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With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, Key-Bak Retractable Reels are a top choice when quality and durability are most important. All of our Key-Bak Badge Reels, Retractable Key Chains, and ID Holders are designed and assembled in the USA by this great American, employee-owned company. Specialist ID carries the entire line of Key-Back products. If you don't see the item you are looking for online, please reach out to us and let us know.

About Key-Bak

The Key-Bak founder was concerned with employee safety. He noticed that while in industrial jobs, many workers got injured or killed because their keychains snagged on various machines such as trains. Even in other industries, having too-long necklaces and reels can prove to be a work hazard.

The keychain that resulted, which was retractable, evolved into other products. Key-Bak also makes badge holders, that also focus on protecting the wearer. The retractable badge reels are made to only use as much length as needed. Employees and visitors using the badges will not have to worry about snags.

Even if you aren’t managing trains and subways, the benefit of a retractable keychain or badge reel means that you always know where your keys are, without needing pockets. A good portion of women’s clothing is made without pockets. That trend is not going to change any time soon.

But hey! Why can’t you keep your keys in your pocket? Also, keys look bulky through them. Pockets can also tear or develop holes, especially in thinner shirts. Then you lose your keys, and you’re not sure where they fell.

A keychain is more aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Badge reels look professional if you are in a formal atmosphere, and can also hold work IDs.

Preventing snags also means that you avoid the inconvenience of having to release yourself from any object that has grabbed ahold. It’s not fun when you realize you’re attached to a building, especially when you’re in a hurry. You would rather prevent such a situation, especially when hurrying to and from work.

Our Product Recommendations

Take advantage of our Key-Bak products, which come with a Lifetime Service Policy from the main company. Each is designed and made in the United States. Buy individually, or get a discount on bulk orders.

Afraid of losing your important keys? Do you need a reel that can hold heavier objects? We have the Key-Bak that’s right for the job: the Super 48 Heavy Duty Key Reel With Belt Clip. Made to last, and to carry any extra weight.

The cord is made of kevlar, the same material used in protective vests. These will clip to any belt and hold up to fifteen keys. Perfect for when you are in the maintenance industry or security.

What badge reels are good for holding tools? One good option is the Duty Gear Retractor. A large loop means it will attach to belts of any size. The leather protector shields your clothes from getting torn by the clip, and it’s designed to muffle sounds of any item jangling from the retractor.

Say you’re a draftsman or foreman on the go, and you always need a pen on hand. The Pencil Pull Retractable Pencil Reel has your back. Tiny with nylon thread, you can always keep a writing utensil without getting ink or graphite on your clothes.

Learn More From Specialist ID

Are you concerned about employees' safety to protect them from dangerous snags? Or do you want to make sure that you won’t want to go through the hassle of unsnarling your keys or work badge? Specialist ID can help with both. Your safety is our concern.

Contact Specialist ID today. Our experts know the products that will fit your workplace splendidly. We can make our recommendations for Key-Bak, and for other products you may need.