3 Places You Didnt Know Specialist ID Badges Were Used

Badge holders are one of those items you hardly ever notice until you do! Its always those little things that are used often that you never really pay attention to, yet they are very necessary! Take for instance badge holders. If you suddenly come into a generous amount of money, the first thing that probably NEVER comes to anyone's mind is: The first thing I'm going to do is buy a bulk load of badge holders! Said no one ever! However, whats more likely to come to mind is: I'm going to throw a huge party, hire a band, and only cool people are invited! That's more like it!

Now, lets think about this. If you were going to throw an exclusive party, then there needs to be a way to identify the cool people, right? Furthermore, huge parties often need some type of security, so there needs to be some sort of identification to establish that. Suddenly, your goal really is buying a bulk load of badge holders.

How about that?

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder company in South Florida, knows all too well the type of situations that call for badge holders of every kind. So we've provided a short list of places you may not have realized badge holders are used.

1. Press Conferences

Usually when the media is involved with any kind of event, its mandatory that not only the reporters are visibly showing some form of identification needed to grant them access to these conferences, but also the event coordinators. Press conferences usually involve highly publicized figures. That means a level of high security is needed which requires visible identification that only a badge holder can provide.

2. Public Transportation

Professional drivers who operate public transportation, chauffeurs, truck drivers, cab, Uber and Lyft drivers all need to have some form of visible identification. People in this profession usually come to Specialist ID to get their supply of badge holders.

3. Concerts

Speaking of high profile figures, concert events are all about showcasing celebrities. In situations like this, security clearance is needed for different levels of staff. A great way to provide visible identification that differentiates one level of clearance from the other is the Badge Buddy. While they are mainly used in the healthcare profession, more businesses and event coordinators are realizing the diverse potential badge IDs offer.

Other places you may not have realized badge holders may be used are conventions, tradeshows, airports, sporting events, K-12 schools, colleges, amusement parks, restaurants, diners, and more!

Order Your Bulk Supply of Badge Holders to Gain Trust!

In a world where businesses are all about attending events, networking, buying and selling, identification is key. Wearing visible identification is the first step in establishing trust in a business relationship of any kind whether its providing services or selling a product. Specialist ID can provide you with the tools to help establish the trust you need to build for your business. Contact us to learn about the different kinds of badge holders and accessories you can choose from. Call 1-800-380-6726 today! You can even contact us online.

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