3 Pocket Neck Wallet

Summer is approaching and hopefully, you are looking forward to summer vacation! Whether it be a romantic vacation for two or a family vacation for four, a three pocket neck wallet might be the affordable and useful item to have with you throughout your travels. With an adjustable lanyard strap, fitting for all family members, a clear vinyl covered pocket on the front side and two shielded pockets on the backside (one is zippered). A simple, yet reliable and wearable wallet to allow you to be hands-free with your ID and necessary documents securely with you.

For a family fun trip to Disney World in Florida, this would be ideal for all family members to have. The clear vinyl front pocket would perfectly display your VIP fast pass for all the rides. The kids can hang on to their souvenir tickets in the back pocket and also securely hold on to the spending money you gave them in their zippered pocket. The responsible adults would be able to pocket the hotel key, parking ticket, car key, credit cards or cash.

Another great feature is the lightweight, thin sized capability to be worn discreetly underneath clothing for extra security measures during your adventures. Also a plus for packing in your suitcase, since it requires very little space. Hope this simplifies and helps you to enjoy your travels for the summer!

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