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Premium Color 3 Pocket 4x3 Nylon Credential Neck Lanyard Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard (1860-260X)

Premium Color 3 Pocket 4x3 Nylon Credential Neck Lanyard Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard (1860-260X)

$2.92 ea. $2.92 ea.

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Color: Blue
Part number: 1860-2602

Sorry we only have 2714 currently available. Please adjust the quantity or contact us to check lead times for larger orders.


  • Part number: 1860-2602
  • Functional 3-Pocket Design: Spacious neck wallet with three pockets to securely store and organize cards and essentials.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Features a 48" (1219mm) adjustable cord lock for a customizable fit around the neck.
  • Clear Front Display Pocket: Front pocket with a clear vinyl window, perfect for 4" x 3" exhibitor badges or similar sized IDs.
  • Secure Back Compartments: Includes one zippered and one open back pocket for discreet storage of keys, credit cards, and cash.
  • Color Options: Available in black (1860-2601) and blue (1860-2602), suitable for professional and casual use.
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Discover the convenience and security of our premium color 3-pocket Nylon Neck Wallet, part number 1860-260X. Designed for ease and functionality, this neck lanyard wallet comes with an adjustable 48" lanyard, allowing comfortable wear and easy access to your items. Ideal for large events, conferences, or daily use, it securely holds your essentials within its three compartments. The front features a clear display pocket for a 4" x 3" exhibitor badge, while the back offers two additional compartments — one zippered and one open — for safely carrying valuables like tickets, cash, and more. Choose from two versatile colors: black (1860-2601) or blue (1860-2602). Additional items shown in photos are sold separately. Available for purchase with no minimum order quantity.

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