3 Reasons You Should Never Travel Without Luggage Tag Holder

If you operate a business in the travel industrywhether youre a travel agent, selling luggage, or even operating a variety store, a good investment for your business might be to stock some luggage holders. Luggage tags holders are the thing that travelers discover they really need at the very last minuteat the airportwhile in line to check bags!

If you can identify with this, then the next thing you know, youre holding up the line while quickly scribbling your name and contact information on a flimsy paper luggage tag the airline has provided. You may even wonder if its going to stay on throughout the duration of the flight! Traveling can be hectic and the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your luggage will be with you when you reach your final destination.

An Idea for Businesses

Luggage tag holders are the perfect solution for ensuring your baggage is easily identifiable. Whatever type of business youre in, especially if its related to traveling, purchase a bulk amount of luggage tags at a discounted price so that you can sell them for a profit, or even give them away as a courtesy for using your business.

Whether you decide to sell them or give them away, here are four reasons to convince your customers why they should never travel without luggage tag holders:

1.Chances are someone has the same luggage as you!

According to the U.S. Travel Association, approximately 1.7 billion people in the United States have leisurely travelled in 2015, 459 million people travelled for business, and there were 77.5 million international travellers! Thats a lot of baggage! What do you think the odds are that someone will have the same type of luggage as you, or at least the same color?

Having proper identification on your luggage is the best thing you can do easily identify your belongings. It will distinguish your bags from those that are similar to yours.

2.What if your luggage gets lost?

This is all the more reason to equip your baggage with luggage tags. The tags that youd get from Specialist ID, a distributing badge holder and accessory business in Miami comes with pre-printed tags where you can write your name, address, telephone and email. If youre luggage gets misplaced, your contact information will be openly visible so that airport, train, or any type of traveling personnel will know who to return the baggage to.

3.Its stronger and more durable than paper tags.

Specialist IDs luggage tag holders are made of rigid and semi-rigid plastic that will be able to withstand the punishing conditions that baggage often endures during travel. The plastic covering protects the wording of your contact information so that it stays clearly visible at all times. It wont tear or rip off during transport and is offered in seven colors that can easily contrast with anyones luggage.

Types of Luggage Tags to Stock

Encourage your customers to never leave home without either of these three luggage tag holders. Place your luggage tag order today. You can order directly online, or you can call 1-800-380-6726.

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