30 creative ways to use your lanyards (+ Instagram Photos)

30 creative ways to use your lanyards (+ Instagram Photos)

For most of us, lanyards are a tool to carry our work IDs, and maybe some house keys. 

But there are many other uses for these utilitarian accessories and to find some of the most creative, a deep dive into Instagram reveals all kinds of unique ways lanyards can be used. Here’s a guide to creative uses for your lanyard. 

But, before that let's go over the basics and types of lanyards.

What is a Lanyard?

A lanyard is a type of accessory that is used to hold things like keys, wallets, cell phones, etc. They come in different sizes and styles. Some people wear them just because it makes them feel safe and secure. Others wear them to show off their personality. They are usually made out of leather, nylon, cotton or polyester.

How is a Lanyard Used?

A lanyard is used to connect items together. They are usually worn around the neck and attached to something else. A lanyard is generally used to attach things together such as a key tag, identification card, badge holder, etc. You can find many different types of lanyards including nylon, leather, plastic, and metal. Some people prefer to wear a lanyard over a necklace because it doesn't take up much space and you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go.

Lanyard-making Supplies You'll Need

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make lanyards, now is the time. They're super easy to make, and they look great! Whether you're making one for yourself or giving a gift, here are the basic supplies you'll need to get started.

1. Lanyard Cord

You probably already have this item lying around somewhere. You might even have it in your closet. But what is it exactly? A lanyard cord is basically a string of yarn or ribbon that can be tied together to form a loop. There are many types of cords out there, including elastic, nylon, polyester, and others. Some come in packs of colors while others come individually. We like the 20-color pack because it gives us plenty of choices.

2. Scissors

This is another item you likely already have around the house. Just remember to keep your scissors sharp. Also, don't cut too close to the edge of the paper.

3. Glue Gun & Glue Stick

These items aren't necessary, but they do help speed up the process. Plus, glue guns are fun to use!

30 Creative Uses for Lanyards

1. Sanitization

Pop a bottle of hand sanitizer on your lanyard to prevent the spread of germs like @mayshi_store.  

2. Mask Up, Baby

Never leave home without your personal protective gear by latching your mask onto a mask lanyard, seen here by @tara_basic

3. Better Safe Than Sorry

Keep attackers at bay by always having your pepper spray close at hand like Instagram member @queencitylanyards

4. Driven

Out for a walk and don’t have pockets? No problem. Put your car key on your lanyard and carry it hassle-free like @miajewelshop

5. Celebrate the Season

We’re entering the spookiest time of the year. Join @_forget_me_not_creations_yyt and show off your Halloween spirit with a little lanyard flair. 

6. Blow the Whistle

Whether you’re refereeing a soccer match or just trying to bring order to a classroom, a whistle is a handy tool, especially when it’s close at hand, say on a lanyard like this one @please11 posted. 

7. Quietly Inform

People all around us are struggling with hidden disabilities. To make others aware without having to overshare, some are wearing sunflower lanyards a quiet indication to be sensitive to certain individuals, as illustrated in @J_and_i2020’s post. 

8. Carve Out Some Space

Always like to keep a pocket knife on hand? A lanyard can help. Just ask @survivaldads

9. Glass(es) Half Full

Keep your spectacles where they belong, on your body with a beaded lanyard--for instance, like this look from @thepinktrunkstore.

10. Add Some Flair

Who says a lanyard ID has to be boring? Dress it up with some fun pins and flair like this little gremlin accessorized lanyard on @epiclandmx.

11. Pocket Protector

Write this down: Don’t lose a pen anymore with a cute lanyard pen holder like @mypocketbag is rocking. 

12. Pod People

Airpods are great in that they give you hands-free listening, but losing them is a clear and present danger. No more if you opt for a lanyard iPod case like the one on @makaylassboutique.

13. Lip Smackers

The pitfalls of keeping chapstick in your pocket or purse are myriad. We’re talking crumb-ified nastiness should the lid fall off. That won’t happen if it’s stored on a lanyard like this one from @lajannessaaa.

14. Cash or Carry

Pay up with no problems by using a lanyard, like @xandythepandy, to hold your debit cards and cash. 

15. Charge On

No charger? No problem. Not with a lanyard with a built in charger like this one showcased on Insta user @promote.net.nz

16. Passport, Please

@friendly.handmade has a perfect way to never lose your passport again — this charming holder housed on, you guessed it, lanyard. 

17. Faith First

Is your prayer life important to you? Incorporate it into your clothing with a rosary lanyard, like this one from @terimade

18. Quiet, Baby

Help your baby calm down like @nadkantoi does with a lanyard pacifier. 

19. Chomp It Out

For babies, teething is a drag. But it doesn’t have to be the same for parents as well. Not with @lamona.store teether lanyard. 

20. Light It Up

Shine on a little brighter with a glowing lanyard like this one from @glowman_dan.

21. Snap To It

A good cameraman needs a good holster. What better than a paracord lanyard like @alic_designs’ version?

22. Don’t Fall In

Take it from @angelabucalo and never lose a student again to the restroom break with a stylish bathroom pass lanyard. 

23. Take a Time Out

Keep time all the time with a handsome watch lanyard like this one on @watchlanyard.

24. Chill

Cooling off never looked so cool with this @kamo_poire duck-themed lanyard fan that can also rest on a table. 

25. Wear Your Credentials

With customization you can put your credentials right on your lanyard, like @wecreategoodkarma does here. 

26. Love the Planet

Eco-friendly initiatives don’t have to stop with recycling. You can incorporate them into your personal accessories like with this @specialistid bamboo lanyard. 

27. Burn to Shine

With @_laer___’s handmade leather lighter cases you can keep fire at the ready all the time. 

28. Scissor Sisters

Crafters will love @craftynat_83 smart approach to keeping scissors on hand, a lanyard to hold them. 

29. Sip Up

Skip the hassle of holding a water bottle and stay hydrated with @erndawgcs smart idea: a paracord bottle lanyard. 

30. Rinse, Repeat

Ditch the bulky shower caddy and shampoo bottles for the travel friendly shower lanyard, like this one @mshellsj likes. 

Got some great lanyard ideas up your sleeve (or should we say, around your neck)? Share them with us! And stock up on all the lanyards you could ever need right over here

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