4 Practical Gifts For Nurses and Nursing Students

4 Practical Gifts For Nurses and Nursing Students

Is there someone on your holiday shopping list that’s hard to buy for? It might be difficult to think up a great gift you can share with a nurse or nursing student. Fortunately, Specialist ID has everything that you need to make sure that they’ve got gear that shows you care while still remaining practical.

Check out these gifts and see if you can’t figure out a perfect option for that special individual on your list.

Practical Gifts for Nurses

Take a few moments to think about the preferences of the person that you’re planning on giving a gift to. Do they have a favorite color? You might also want to think about the type of nursing they do as well as any specialties they might have.

1) Heart-shaped Badge Reels

Heart-shaped reels have long been a favorite of cardiologists and other individuals who work with people’s hearts in some way. There have even been some that feature an EKG symbol on them or other emblems that signify heart health. That being said, they’re also a great idea for nurses as well as nursing students who have to keep a badge pinned to their scrubs at all times. They’re convenient since they hold a badge in place while ensuring that it always remains accessible to the user.

2) Pencil Holder with Carabiner Clip

Is your favorite nurse into gadgets? If so, then they might really appreciate this badge clip that also doubles as a pencil holder. Administrative nurses and other organizational specialists often have to manage multiple tasks at once. Keeping a pencil close at hand can help to ensure that they don’t have to take time out of their busy schedule to look for the right piece of equipment. It’s also great for holding a marker, which is why it’s become popular as a gift for baristas as well as those in the medical profession.

3) Rear-view Mirror Mask Caddy

Hanging a face mask on a Mask Caddy is just like putting up your scrubs on a designated hanger. It helps to keep it organized and free from debris. These hangers fit on a majority of car mirrors as well as traditional clothing rods. They’ll help to keep a mask from picking up dirt found on seats, floors or dashboards. Best of all, they feature a neat patriotic design that makes them an excellent gift for that special someone you know who works in the healthcare field.

4) Hands Free EDC Multitool

This ultimate utility key helps users to avoid physical contact with doorknobs. You’ll find it also works great on elevator buttons, keypads, and even many types of touchscreens. That makes it a great gift for those who have to work with these services on a daily basis. It can even attach to a keyring, lanyard, or any other carrying device. As a result, it’s easy to carry around even if you have to lug a number of other tools with you everywhere you go.

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