5 Different Ways To Customize Your Lanyard To Show School Spirit

5 Different Ways To Customize Your Lanyard To Show School Spirit

Designing a lanyard customizable to your school’s colors exemplifies your school spirit. Sharing the design with your entire school community gets everyone excited about what’s to come this semester. Whether it’s sports-related, artistically driven, or club focused, these lanyards can be customized in a way that expresses your ecstatic passion for what you enjoy most about your school, even if it is as simple as putting the school name and logo on your lanyard. 

Specialist ID offers one of the best customization tools for lanyards online if you are looking into making a bulk order. Whether these lanyards are for a basketball team or the Student Council Club, Specialist ID will make this process most efficient for you. 

The first step includes choosing the delivery method: 6-8 days or 10-12 days, depending on your selection. From there, select the amount needed, such as 100 lanyards. Now onto the fun stuff, choosing your imprint options and the preferred look. There are four color options: single color echo silkscreen printing, 1-3 color printing, full-color dye stub, and one color woven style. 

Express School Spirit with a Splash of Color

Single color echno silkscreen printing is a simple single color ecnoweave silkscreen that provides that simple color and text option. For example, this customizable lanyard would include your school color on the lanyard and your school name. This no-frills option allows you to customize your tagline or phrase simply and is perfect for a clean and modern lanyard look. This style specifically would be beneficial for business-oriented clubs you are involved in at your school. 

The one to three color lanyard printing allows you to use three different colors to include on your lanyards. This will increase the richness of your lanyard and express more style. You can select a color for the edging of your letters, the text color, and font color. This printing method is among the most effective silk screening methods and provides a more sophisticated approach to your customized lanyard for stuff like Chess Club, Debate Club, or simply for preferred style. 

When using a full-color dye staub the creation of an elaborate design is present on your lanyard. This form of customizing is detail-oriented to make your lanyard scream school spirit. There is a wide variety of color palettes to choose from, a ton of font and text styles, and many graphics image options such as mascots, logos, symbols, and more. This option is a creative way of expressing overall school spirit throughout campus and is an excellent lanyard to provide at popup booths for school events, intramural and sports teams, and much more. 

The one color woven style offers a soft approach and is one of our most popular options. The comfort of this lanyard makes it desirable due to the feel of the fabric. It has a slight stretch and comfort fit to the back of the neck. This is great for everyday wear when attending class. Since badges are necessary to have in school, add a little comfort to it while still representing school spirit. 

Customize Your Lanyard Based on The Activity

Consider choosing your lanyard’s texture and fabric based on their intended use. There will be different suggestions for fabric for athletic teams than for clubs or general school pride lanyards. Optiweave tubular and antimicrobial material are ideal for athletic conditions given the likely sweating and outdoor work. Bamboo and organic cotton fabric on the other hand is excellent for everyday wear due to the comfort aspect providing a soft feeling around the neck. A woven-in polyester is a good option for those bulk orders to be passed out at school events.

This material is ideal for general school lanyards to have everyone matching to represent their school pride. If you are looking to express your passion for helping our world stay green while also representing school spirit, recycled material is an option for customizing your lanyard. This can motivate your school community to be eco-friendly as well.  

After deciding on the fabric and texture, you have the option to customize whether or not your lanyard is a break-away style. Break-away lanyards are beneficial to those who have to transition quickly like basketball players, football players, etc. This feature allows for the athletes to get straight to practicing or getting ready for their game to ramp up the crowd full-throttle. 

Finally, customize your lanyard’s end fitting depending on specific needs on the club, sport, entire campus, etc. The nickel-plated steel trigger snap hooks are great for ID’s, badges, or cards. Therefore, this option is great for that everyday use lanyard to show identification going to class.

This is a great option due to its security and easy use that is unlikely to be lost because of its sturdiness. Bulldog clips and the detachable buckle/swivel hook are great for quick attachments and detachments. These are beneficial to those who are on the run and moving quickly, such as athletes. There are many other options to choose from on all of these details on how to customize your lanyard.

You have full autonomy to express your school spirit throughout the campus in many different ways on our website through our customization tool. Visit our Customized Printed Lanyard section to make yours today!

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