5 Helpful Tips in Selecting the Right Lanyard Card Holder

5 Helpful Tips in Selecting the Right Lanyard Card Holder

Big shopping decisions are no easy task. There’s price, style, and functionality to keep in mind. While most might think the list of so called “big purchase items” only includes items such as cars, houses, or major lawn equipment, we’d argue a lanyard card holder is right up there. 


Well, consider that it’s something you’ll likely be wearing at least five days a week. Not to mention it’s a piece of gear that has to look appropriate with various clothing choices and function in a variety of scenarios—from accessing workspaces to attending business meetings. It needs to be handy yet easy to hide, attractive yet not distracting, comfortable yet useful. Put that way, suddenly a good lanyard card holder suddenly sounds like the unicorn of work equipment, right? 

Therefore this specialized tool requires more than just a passing glance and more of a thorough once-over to select the appropriate model. To get just what you need in a lanyard card holder, here are 5 helpful tips to help select the right one.

Safety First

As with anything that hangs around the neck, the wearer must always consider safety first. This goes for glamorous gold necklaces as much as it does for casual lanyards. Fortunately, lanyard card holder technology has improved since the early days when you could only buy a rope lanyard. Today, there are a variety of breakaway clasps that ensure a wearer can quickly and safely remove their lanyard card holder at any time. 

You can choose everything from breakaway clasps with swivel attachments to breakaway round sliders. More options means better customer satisfaction with something for everyone.

Style Matters

Functionality certainly plays the key role in a lanyard card holder, but style is a close second. As an often-mandated accessory, lanyards can feel about as fun as a school uniform. But thanks to lanyard innovation, there are all kinds of ways to personalize these practical tools these days. 

To begin with, the bits and bobs that make up a lanyard, from the breakaway clasp to the badge reel, can all be selected based on personal preferences. But it’s the fabric itself where people are really having some fun. Specialist ID has a variety of stylish options from chevron patterns to cause-related designs like this Breast Cancer Awareness lanyard that can perk up the basic lanyard aesthetic.

Of course, for individuals or companies wishing to take their lanyard card holder to the next level, there’s Specialist ID’s customization site that has options for color, thread style, clasp tools, and logo personalization. 

Card Attachment Choice

Everyone uses their card holder differently. For some people, an ID might double as an access key and need to be swiped to gain entry to an office or secure space onsite. 

For others, it might include a QR code that’s used to confirm their identity. Others carry chips that contain important data, while still others might be simply a photo ID. All of these different usages require different card holders and how those holders attach to a lanyard are just as important as the info they carry.

We offer a wide variety of choices, from heavy duty badge reels that can carry a handful of keys in addition to a card attachment to the  Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder that exposes the swipe card for easy use. Whether you need a card holder that obscures your information or a simple plastic pocket that will keep it safe from inclement weather, Specialist ID has you covered.

Bulk Purchasing Options

It’s one thing to be able to customize a single lanyard, but for companies, ordering in bulk can offer a huge cost savings, and at the same time improve employee morale, encourage team spirit, and help with security measures. 

Promo Use

Any company investing in a bulk order of customized lanyard card holders would be wise to keep branding in mind. Lanyards are seen by everyone and provide an easy opportunity to promote your brand. Finding a company that can brand lanyard card holders and do it well is quite another thing. Any smart marketer must choose wisely and frankly, if the above is any indication, the choice is clear: Specialist ID has the tools necessary to produce great promotional lanyards. 

Want more great lanyard card holder tips and tools? Visit Specialist ID.
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