6 Unique Badge Holders for Ultimate Convenience

6 Unique Badge Holders for Ultimate Convenience

Workplace IDs, like car keys, are something you nearly always have to have on your person. And yet who amongst us hasn’t spent hours looking for either one? 

For something so essential, it’s amazing how frequently they can get lost. You set them down in one room and they seem to magically disappear the next moment. But hours of playing Inspector Clouseau don’t have to be your reality. Not when you employ one simple solution: a badge holder

Rather than keep an ID badge loose in your wallet or purse, a badge holder ensures it is in a safe protective pocket that can easily be worn or attached to your clothing so it never gets lost again. 

Whether it’s an armband badge holder or a lanyard, they have the answer to your badge woes. In this guide we’ll look at 6 unique options that provide the ultimate convenience.

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard

This Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet lets you keep your wallet accessible and easy to find at all times. Not only can it hold your ID Badge in the clear front pocket, it also has room for other things like additional credit cards not to mention a pen. Simply throw the adjustable lanyard around your neck and you’re ready to roll without the hassle of sifting through your pockets for your ID.

Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Zipper Top 

Like a jogging iPhone holder but for your ID, this armband is a great solution for people who find themselves constantly on the go. Merely pop your ID into the resealable moisture-free pouch, and carry on about your day. Fret no more about the elements hurting your ID. This unique holder is weather resistant and ideal for people working in warehouses, operating heavy machinery, and or on airport ramps.

Rigid Fuel Card Holder with Key Ring

Originally designed to hold a fuel card for easy access at the pump, we say why not swap out those BP points for your ID badge and then kill two birds with one stone — now your keys and ID will be in the same place at all times. The rigid plastic ensures your ID will stay protected and the adjustable key ring gives you the freedom to add or remove keys as you need. Win/win.

Black EK One Hander Holder with Detachable Lanyard

Security, especially for those who work with sensitive material in classified environments, is critical. And that may extend to keeping ID badges safe. Those who work in such industries don’t need to lose sleep over their IDs, however. Not with the Black EK One Hander Holder. Thanks to a detachable lanyard, this super secure badge holder is easy to remove to swipe or show security for entry access. 

Frosted Vertical Rigid ID Badge Holder with Red Extractor Slide

Whether you’re clocking in or gaining entry to a workplace space, this Frosted Vertical Rigid ID Badge Holder makes accessing your ID car convenient and secure. Thanks to the red extractor slide, your ID card locks in place, keeping it protected. Then, when you need to access it, merely slide the extractor slide out and use as necessary. Even better, you can easily attach a lanyard to make it even more convenient.

Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder

When time is off the essence and you need to access important spaces fast, nothing is worse than fiddling about trying to track down your ID. The Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder helps avoid all that by, well, being cut in half. By exposing an ID badge’s magnetic strip, the user can swiftly swipe a card and move about their day. And to keep it safe and handy, this clever contraption can easily be attached to a neck chain, lanyard, strap clips, or a badge reel for comfortable accessibility.

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