7 Things to Consider When Customizing Your Lanyards

7 Things to Consider When Customizing Your Lanyards

Customizing a lanyard for an event, conference, or general staff use is not only helpful for identification purposes, but great for your branding. 

Customized lanyards can help bring an event together by allowing those involved to easily recognize each other, as well as create a sense of unity among participants. 

Every event or program has different requirements that will need to be addressed. Will there be a need to swipe IDs? Will participants need to be able to remove IDs quickly? How long will they be wearing them? What’s your budget? And what’s your turnaround time to order the lanyards?

All of these questions will influence which customized lanyard is right for you. Here are seven things to consider before you order.

How fast of a turnaround time do you need?

When customizing anything, one of the most important things to plan for is the turnaround time on your order. The same goes for lanyards. If you need to rush an order, it’s critical to find a lanyard provider that can handle production and shipping within your needed timeframe. 

At Specialist ID, for instance, we offer two customized lanyard shipping options: 10 to 12 days, or a rush option that can turn around orders in 6 to 8 days.

What color do you want? 

One of the first concerns that comes to mind is finding the right color lanyard for an event. 

Maybe you’re trying to match a logo color or choose a hue for a cause, like pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. In some cases, you can even choose multiple colors. 

With some lanyards, multiple colors can be interwoven through the fabric, dyed, or silk screened. The best option will depend on the intricacy of the design.

What’s your preferred fabric and width?

The width of a lanyard can make a big difference in how it fits and feels. If you want a lanyard that will feel good on the neck for a long period of time, a wide width might be preferred. This is also a good choice if your lanyard will be carrying more than just an ID badge, like keys, credentials, or game tickets. A smaller, ⅜ inches width flat lanyard, on the other hand, might be perfectly appropriate for a simple name tag.

The same questions apply to the fabric you choose. Options include microweave polyester, optiweave tubular, antimicrobial, and recycled material. 

What kind of fittings and breakaways do you need? 

It may seem like an afterthought, but the fittings you choose for your lanyards really are what make the entire thing work. 

We offer 24 different options, including everything from swivel J-hooks to detachable bulldog buckle clips. 

Why does this matter? Based on your wearer’s needs, a different attachment might be better than another. 

For instance, if attendees of a conference are going to need to add items to their lanyard throughout the event, a Nickel-Plated Steel Trigger Snap Hook makes that easy. On the other hand, if they’ll need to use a touchless ID machine to access certain points with their ID badge, the Detachable Buckle w/ Plastic Hook could be better, as it allows the wearer to remove just the ID. 

Do you have a flair for finishes?

Really sharp lanyards look best when they have the final finishes on them. That means a little bead, crimp, or bar at the base of the lanyard to keep the badge hanging centered on the chest. Your fittings will need to work with your finishes, so taking the time to play around with Specialist ID’s customization tool will help you determine what lanyard look is best.

Is your logo non-negotiable? 

If including your company’s logo, tagline, or font is a must, don’t fret. Using our customization tool, simply upload the file of the logo or font, select the preferred font size and design, and finally select symmetrical/positional or two-sided. Then you’ll see a preview of what your final lanyard will look like. From there, you can edit and amend your selections.

Need to nail that budget?

Staying within budget can be tricky when trying to customize anything, especially a lanyard order in bulk. That’s why our pricing is completely transparent. As you customize your lanyard, the website adjusts your pricing in real time so you can see just how much you might spend given your selections. And, naturally, that means you can adjust to stay within your budget without the headache of requesting multiple estimates. 

Have other lanyard customization questions? Contact us for all of your lanyard badge ID inquiries.
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