A Comprehensive Buying Guide: Which Badge Holders Best Suit your Company

A Comprehensive Buying Guide: Which Badge Holders Best Suit your Company

Q. What type of badges and accessories would you recommend to certain companies?

A. Depending on the industry, certain standards and regulations apply for proper identification (ID). In this guide, well give a brief description of what some industries like hospitals, schools, and business corporations prefer.

For Hospitals

Our most recommended products for hospitals would be the Badge Buddy and the badge reel to attach ID holders to.

For Private and Public Schools

We always recommend our breakaway lanyards that detach in the back just in case it gets caught on something. These breakaways will prevent accidental choking. One of the more popular badge accessories is the adjustable breakaway lanyard. This allows you to adjust the length of your lanyard and is most beneficial to students of various heights

The breakaway lanyard can adjust in length from 24 to 44long. It comes in 9 different colors and may match your school colors to enhance school pride. The selection in colors is also great for identifying students at scholastic events where multiple schools are participating. The lanyard is 3/8 wide enough to get a custom print of a schools name, team, or mascot name.

Note: To know more about customizing your lanyards from Specialist ID, visit our webpage to learn how to design your own.

For BusinessCorporations

Unlike hospitals, there aren't usually too many regulations or restrictions for business corporations and non-profits in the way of IDs.Because of this, the selection of badge holders and IDs are plentiful and businesses can be as creative as they wish when supplying their personnel with ID badges and accessories.

However, the experts at Specialist ID have found that the standard credit card sized ID badges tend to be the most preferred in this industry. Whether you just need your badge holder to secure one ID card or two, the Rigid Open-Faced 2-Card Holder (P/NAH-150) is firm enough to keep ID cards from bending or folding.

Learn more about the P/N AH-150 by watching this video.

Need Extra Security?

For corporations that need extra security, the Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder (1840-5081)protects any data that is embedded in your card. This is perfect if you're carrying sensitive information like a debit or credit card, or any type of card using radio-frequency identification (RFID). With this badge holder, you'll still have excellent visibility. Yet, because of the metal properties, you will not be able to scan your card unless you take it out of the badge holder. So that is something you might want to keep in mind.

Learn more about how the 1840-5081works in this video.

For Easy Accessibility

If you prefer to avoid all of that and feel that your company doesn't need to take such strong security measures, consider the Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal Half Card Holder (1840-8000).This badge holder secures your ID while allowing you to scan it. It comes with slot holes so that you can attach it to a lanyard or badge reel, and the plastic is sturdy enough to keep the ID in place.

View a video demonstration about the Horizontal Half Card Holder here.

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