Adjustable Length Lanyards and Your Choices

Let's face it, not everyone is built the same, so when it comes to purchasing lanyards for personnel, there's typically just one size measuring at approximately 36. This is so that the circumference is wide enough to fit around anyone's head, but depending on your height, it might lie too short or too long against your chest. Either fitting could be uncomfortable, especially if your company's line of work demands constant movement with your hands, which case, lanyards could become more of an obstruction or inconvenience.

But as one of the top distributors of lanyards, Specialist ID encourages you not to rule out lanyards altogether because we have an assortment of adjustable lanyards that fit any line of work.

Here is a list of the various adjustable lanyards that we sale wholesale prices

Adjustable Breakaway Lanyard

This is one of our standard lanyards that is not only adjustable, but also has the breakaway feature to ensure safety for anyone wearing it in case it gets snagged onto something. This lanyard has the flexibility to extend from 24 to 44 in length. It also comes in a variety of color selections. Starting off at only 66 cents a unit, you have the opportunity to save up to 34% on these lanyards depending on how many you order.

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet

Show your identification badge while having room to store some of your valuables. This is essentially a lanyard with an attachable wallet that you can wear around your neck. The wallet is made of up two clear vinyl pockets that you store additional credentials in. Its big enough to hold a passport, cash and other important information. The lanyard has a slide adjuster to customize the length at which you prefer it to hang. It comes in one color: black, and starts off at the unit price of $2.32. You have the opportunity to get these lanyards at $1.53 in bulk. It also comes with a penholder.

Premium Color 3 Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard

This adjustable lanyard has the same features as the Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet. The dimensions here are 4" W x 3" H. However, if you need more storage, then this is the one you want. It comes with 3 pockets giving you an additional compartment to file your credentials in. It does not come with a penholder, but it is offered in two different colors: black and blue. Priced at $2.44 each, you can buy these lanyards in bulk starting at $1.61 a unit.

We also have the 3-Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard that's offered in black, blue, and pink.

For ease, convenience, and comfortably for all personnel, the adjustable lanyards are the smart choice for safety and storage. Contact a Specialist ID representative today to place your order at 1-800-380-6726, or if youre in the Miami, Florida area, contact us locally at 305-263-6808. You can even reach us online

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