Badge Holder Too Boring? 6 Amazing Ways to Add Some Bling to Your Badge Reel

Badge Holder Too Boring? 6 Amazing Ways to Add Some Bling to Your Badge Reel

For many employees, ID badges are a required piece of their work attire.

And while in some industries, conformity across all employee ID badges is a matter of protocol, or even safety, in others, employees have a little more leeway when it comes to making their ID badge truly their own. 

In difficult occupations like nursing, the ability to customize uniforms, including ID badges, can be a refreshing opportunity for self-expression. That’s why scrubs come in so many different patterns, for example, and why there are so many styles for slip-resistant shoes.

Allowing staff to express their personal identity is not only important for employees, but beneficial for employers as well. According to one study, the greater employees’ feelings of authenticity are, the greater their job satisfaction, engagement, and self-reported performance.

So how can employees show off their individuality with their unassuming ID badges? One way is by adding some color, bling, and creativity to their badge reels. ✨

And here’s how this can be done.

Adding a Pop of Eye-Catching Color

Your wardrobe is likely filled with clothing, accessories, and scrubs in your favorite colors. So why not give your badge reels the same kind of love? From an assortment of Neon Badge Reels that are perfect for summer, to shiny, metallic Chrome or Gold Badge Reels that will have you stepping into work like a rockstar, adding a solid pop of color to your badge reel is a simple and fun way to use your ID to show off your favorite shades, tints, or hues.

Using a Different Base Materials

Standard badge reels are made of plastic, but your options for the base material of your badge reel isn’t limited to plastic alone. You can find badge reels made out of a number of other materials that create truly unique designs.

For instance, this classy Human Brain Badge Reel by PewPewBoutique is made of laser cut wood. And this gorgeous RN Badge Reel by BellaBowtiqueDesigns is made of felt.

Making it Shine

Nothing adds bling quite like glitter and gemstones! Badge reels that use these in their designs are absolutely striking.

Just take a look at these Sparkle Glitter Badge Reels by luxiecreations. And check out this Turquoise Gemstone Teal Southwestern Rhinestone Badge Reel by PlannerGirl26. Any nurse rocking either of these stunning badge reels is certain to turn heads!

Shaping It Up

Your badge reel doesn’t just have to be a circle or square. There are many shapes available. At Specialist ID, for example, we carry Heart Shaped Badge Reels that are ideal for hospital staff because this symbol of love can bring patients feelings of positivity and hope.

And talented creators, like LoliBean, offer other uniquely shaped badge reels, like this Star Badge Reel, Coffee Badge Reel, and Ice Cream Badge Reel.

Whatever symbol or item you want to rep, you’re likely to find a badge reel for it!

Making a Statement

Showcase what you’re all about through your badge reel! Whatever statement you want to make or however you want to portray yourself, there’s probably a badge reel for it.

BadgeBlooms, for example, has an extremely wide selection of badge reels for anyone, from pediatric nurses to virologists to lovers of safari animals to those who cherish their coffee time.

Whatever it is you want the world to know, you can showcase it through your badge reel!

Getting Crafty

If you have a specific badge reel design in mind but can’t find it available for purchase, consider crafting yourself. With a standard blank ID badge reel handy, you can use it as a canvas to bring your ideas to life. It can be so easy that you’ll be able to have it done in just a few minutes, and the options for how you want to personalize it is endless.

For some inspiration and details on how to get started, check out this ID badge makeovers guide on The Ribbon Retreat. It includes easy step-by-step instructions for making badge reel designs styled with gems, fabric, or ribbons.

After nailing down the basics, you’ll be able to improvise a design that’s totally you!

ID badges and badge holders are an essential part of the uniform for many. But that doesn’t mean it has to be plain, simple, and boring. Adding some creativity and individuality through colors, shapes, different base materials, sparkly decorations, meaningful statements, or just your own unique DIY design can take your badge reel from lull to lively instantly.

And if you’re a badge reel artisan, we’d love to hear from you! 😃

We’re looking to collaborate with some awesome creators, so if you’re interested, contact the Specialist ID team for more details! 🙏

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