Badge Reels Get Reel!

Getting Reel with Badge Reels! Retractable nylon cord badge reels are the ideal essential for holding photo ID badges, Swiping your smart card into a key-less entry, clocking into a work terminal, multi-functional keys and for other card uses and small devices. The reach of the cord usually extends 27″ to 36″, allowing for an easy pull to show your ID, swipe your access card through a terminal at work or unlock and lock a door.

Badge Reels For A Cause

Since every need is different and everybody is unique, you have unlimited options in picking the right badge reel for you. Whether color, style or strength is your choosing, we have all the options. The colors vary from neon, primary, gold, silver, translucent, chrome and with the possibility to customize your own brand. Show some style with your badge reel! Our heart reels display breast cancer awareness ribbons and EKG themed. We have Autism Awareness, floral and zebra designs. We even have some licensed sports badge reels. Our heavy duty badge reels are made to last and can carry the most weight for the key master or the outdoorsy type! Our top brands for heavy duty reels are Key-bak and T-reign.

Badge reels attach to clothing, backpacks, purses, etc. with either one or more of the following: belt clips, swivel clips, spring clips, key rings, carabiner attachments, lanyard attachments and vinyl straps. With all the many options, you can be cost efficient with your choice reel and have multiple reels to color coordinate! Time to get REEL!!

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