Branded Lanyards

What could be better than a regular lanyard? A lanyard that has your company's logo or name on it styled just for you or maybe gift it to someone you work with. A custom lanyard is a great way to represent your organization. Bring some excitement to your uniform with a unique lanyard that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face! It doesn't matter if you work at a hospital, a courthouse, a corporate office, or even at an event, there's a lanyard for just about every occasion, and you can find them at Specialist ID!

How to Search for a Lanyard

 It is easy to search for a lanyard on our site. Choose from our popular categories or even specialty options from the dropdown menu on the lanyards tab located on the top of our webpage. Not sure which one you want? Shop online for our custom lanyards. Follow these easy instructions to design yours.

  1. Go to filter your results on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click through the category section and checkmark between 1/8 and round non-breakaway lanyards.
  3. Scroll down to the attachment type section and choose between a bulldog clip, keyring, swivel hook or two clips.
  4. The next section is color. Since you might be looking for a colorful lanyard to brighten up your day you can checkmark forest green, red, yellow, or whatever full color you fancy!

Can I Buy in Bulk?

At Specialist ID, our products are available to purchase in bulk. We offer prices that fit within any budget. When buying our custom lanyards in bulk, you're actually saving money, time and energy than buying individually.

When you buy in bulk you also avoid the risk of running out of lanyards, especially if you are an up and coming company that is regularly hiring employees. Buy in bulk in order to be ready and fully equipped to accommodate new employees and visitors. 

Another benefit of buying in bulk is that you will save energy and time plus, it has a lower impact on the environment due to the harmful emissions trucks and airplanes emit when having to deliver multiple individual packages at different moments in time. 

Buying lanyards in bulk is convenient for you, for us and for the planet! 


Branded Lanyard Badge Holders

Purple Volunteer Breakaway Lanyard 

This lanyard has the word “Volunteer” printed on it. It is an ideal lanyard if you are the owner of a Non-Profit Organization and would like to give out lanyards to the members of your NGO in order to have the ability to visually identify who belongs, especially when participants are volunteering in wide-open spaces such as beach clean-ups this lanyard really comes in handy. 

Red Printed Visitor Lanyard With Swivel Hook

Keep your ducks in a row! Spot visitors from a mile away and make sure they stay with the rest of the visitors when touring your institution. 

This Red Lanyard has the word “Visitor” printed on it so that you can hand it to special guests visiting your company, organization, school, etc. This way you can easily recognize the visitors from the students, employees or volunteers and organize yourself accordingly. 

The lanyard materials included are the swivel hook to facilitate the attachment and security of your ID badge and the breakaway function that protects your well-being because the lanyard breakaways when caught into something. 

Black Security Lanyard 

Receive the respect and authority required when working in the security department by wearing this black lanyard. The lanyard has “Security” printed on it so visitors and other members of your organization can recognize you as an authoritative figure in the institution and request assistance or entry. 

Staff Lanyard With Standard Swivel Hook

This black lanyard has the word “Staff” printed on it. Supply your employees with this branded lanyard so that clients, visitors and other members of the workforce can identify them easily in case they need assistance with anything. 

If you are organizing a party or concert you can provide your staff with this lanyard so that they can keep their IDs handy when coming in and out of restricted areas so the security can identify them and give them access when needed. 

This “staff” branded lanyard is versatile and can be used for any occasion, event, organization, and institution. If you are in any of these industries buy in bulk and save!

Can I Design My Own?

What makes Specialist ID so great is the Lanyard Design option available on our website. Click through the tabs on the left to use as a helpful guide when creating a custom lanyard, or if you feel like channeling your inner artist, there's an option to create your own from scratch! Upload graphics like the company's logo or personalized text that can be viewed before purchasing. With 12 color selections to choose from and no minimum quantity on orders, Specialist ID makes it simple and fun to shop and explore.

What Are the Payment Options?

Once you're ready to checkout, you may choose any of these payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Personal Checks (when cleared)
  • Money Orders
  • Cash
  • Money Wires from Western Union
  • MoneyGram (on a case-by-case basis)

After design approval, which takes about 1-2 days, standard lead time is 10-14 business days. If you're in need of your items to arrive just in time for Christmas, just let us know, and well be happy to coordinate with you on a rush order.


Get Lanyards With ID Holder At Specialist ID

At Specialist ID we make top of the line lanyards with a wide variety of materials, color options, and multiple features for the benefit of you, your company and clients. Information travels most effectively with ID badges and durable lanyards to secure your identification cards. 


To shop for the perfect branded lanyard, visit our site to get started. If you have any questions, please contact us on our online platform or chat live now! 

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