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Red Printed Visitor Lanyard With Swivel Hook (P/N 2138-5220)

Red Printed Visitor Lanyard With Swivel Hook (P/N 2138-5220)

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  • Part number: 2138-5220
  • "Visitor" Imprinted Lanyard W/ Swivel Hook
  • Flat 5/8" (16 mm)
  • 36" (914) mm total circumference (lanyard hangs about half that length)
  • Breakaway
  • Red
  • Part Number 2138-5215
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Red Pre-Printed Visitor Lanyard With Swivel Hook (P/N 2138-5220)

Our "VISITOR" lanyard with its bold imprint makes it easy to quickly identify guests in your building. The lanyard material has a silky feel to it, and is designed to display a credential in an easy read place on your chest . The breakaway feature, also referred to as “Safety Breakaway”, enables the lanyard to snap apart if it comes under pressure, keeping the person wearing the lanyard from being pulled or choked if the lanyard is grabbed or snagged. After the lanyard “snaps apart,” it can usually be snapped right back together. This lanyard is 5/8" wide and has swivel hook, the most popular attachment in the industry for easily attaching to ID Badges, key rings and more.

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