Cool Badge Holder Ideas for Easter Holiday

Cool Badge HolderIdeas for Easter Holiday

It can be said that almost everybody likes the Easter Bunnyas much as they adore Santa Claus! It may have something to do with all thefestivities that come along with iteven in the workplace.

The team at Specialist ID understands the importance ofboosting moral in the workplace. We want to do our part in making sure that everyholiday and every observance day can be well represented in a creative and funway!

Have You EverConsidered the Badge Holders?

Specialist ID stocks a warehouse full of badge ID holdersand accessories for almost any occasionholidays included! We design custombadge baskets for Halloween and Valentines Day too! While we dont have apre-made badge ID basket for the Easter holiday, were certain that you canfind some cool ID badge ideas for next Easter in our online catalog.

The Basics

First, lets talk about whats available. Specialist ID hasthree different categories of badge holders:

Basic Badge Holder

This category of badge holders is designed to protect yourID badge. There are different variations of protective coverings that areavailable for bulk purchasing at a discount price. Here is a couple:

Witz See It Safe WaterproofID Badge Holder (P/N 004) Comes in a variety of vibrant colors!

Colored Vinyl Strap Clips(2105-200X) Add a little pop of yellow and greento your work uniform.

To view our full catalog of protective badge holders viewour webpage here.

Badge Reels

Specialist ID stocks a variety of festive color badge reels.For the Badge Reels with Belt Clipboth solid and translucent, there are atotal of 7 different colors to choose from, but for the Easter holiday, green,yellow, and white tend to be the most popular colors. Perhaps the most popularbadge reels for the season would be:

Neon Badge Reel (P/N 2120-308X) These bright and color badge reels seem to be created especially for theEaster holiday. This line of badge reels come in flashy colors of: Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, NeonPink, Neon Yellow.

Heart Shaped Badge Reel WithRotating Spring Clip (P/N 2120-761X) A decorative heartthat comes in three different colors: pink,white, and red.


Neon Lanyard Decorate your office with these beautiful neon lanyards that come in samecolors as the Neon Badge Reel. This lanyard measures at 5/8 in width with atotal circumference of 36 inches that will fit comfortably around anyonesneck.

Chevron Print Fashion Lanyard withTrigger Hook & Key Ring Check out theseadorable lanyards that come with a trigger and hook key ring. This fashionableaccessory comes in four different colors:black, Monaco Blue, Emerald, and Nectarine.

Take a look at thisvideo to see the chevron print:

All of Specialist ID badge holders canbe purchased at a discount price depending on the amount you buy in bulk. If youre trying to create your own work-relatedEaster basket, you can order a few of these badge holders since no minimumpurchase amount is necessary.

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