Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Card Is Not Your Immunity Passport

Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Card Is Not Your Immunity Passport

The COVID-19 vaccination has been distributed to most Americans under first priority, such as those working in hospitals. Now that these high priority individuals have received both doses, the rest of the U.S. will start to be selected to receive the vaccination. 

A COVID-19 vaccination card is given upon receiving the first dose, but this is not considered an immunity passport. The vaccination card does not give the approval to normal life, therefore, most daily COVID-19 precautions are to remain until further research is made.

COVID-19 Vaccination Card

The COVID-19 vaccination card is meant to keep a record of vaccination information. On this card you will see your first and last name, date of birth, your patient number, the vaccination you received (Moderna or Pfizer), date of receival for the first and second dose, and the specific location you received the vaccination. A vaccination record card holder is essential to ensure your records are protected.

The COVID-19 vaccination also helps the patient remember when they need to receive the booster shot, or second dose. The time between the first and second shot is dependent on the vaccine given. 

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COVID-19 Immunity Passport

The COVID-19 immunity passport is not an official U.S. document - consider it an idea. Officials do not know if the COVID-19 vaccination will make people immune to the virus and will not know until they see the results of those who receive both doses.

Other countries have used an immunity passport in the past for vaccinations unrelated to the coronavirus. The hope is that the vaccine passport will show the status of immunity and allow individuals to live a normal life again. It is also assumed that an immunity passport would allow international travel. 

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Can I get the other vaccine for my second dose?

The vaccination card is helpful for medical professionals to track which manufacturer you received your vaccination from. This will keep medical professionals from administering a differing vaccination on your second dose.

Moderna and Pfizer cannot be administered together. If Moderna was given in the first dose, it needs to be the second dose as well. Both vaccinations focus on the mRNA of the virus, but can’t be interchangeable according to the CDC, because the two were developed differently.

Do I have to wear a mask after I get vaccinated?

Research was not conducted prior to administering the vaccine in order to determine whether it creates immunity or not. Therefore, the same precautions are to be taken even with the vaccination. The people who have received the vaccine will determine whether the vaccination creates immunity to the coronavirus. 

Masks are to be worn and social distancing needs to go on. The CDC will not make any decision to eliminate COVID-19 protocols until there is more information and statistics through those vaccinated.

We can only hope to get back to normalcy as we continue to take precautions. The vaccine passport is not an official U.S. document, but is a possibility in the near future. Let’s keep our spirits high and keep each other safe. 

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