6 Accessories You Need To Start Traveling Again In 2023

6 Accessories You Need To Start Traveling Again In 2023

During the last couple of years, many people across the globe paused their travel plans in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. With vaccinations in the States ramping up, people have their eyes on travel in 2023. Recent research shows that travelers are willing to get the vaccine and experts predict that air travel will increase as the year goes on.

With that in mind, it’s a good time to prepare yourself for upcoming travel! Here are 6 accessories you need to start traveling again.

1. Mask Lanyard

Mask wearing is slowly becoming less and less required in public places, especially public transport, well into 2022. However, it is something still happening in many other countries. To easily take off your mask while traveling without getting it dirty or misplaced, attach it to a mask lanyard! These lanyards attach to the ear loops and let the mask hang when you take it off. 

2. Luggage Tags

For trips involving air travel or making many stops, identification on your luggage is important. In the event that you lose track of a bag, your contact info can be easily reached when it’s on a tag. Have peace of mind knowing that if found, someone may contact you about a lost item when you attach a luggage tag holder.

3. Vaccination Card Holder

One item that may become essential to your travel is proof of vaccination. The CDC vaccine card proving that someone has been vaccinated may come in handy when traveling overseas. Be prepared to show your document as rules pertaining to international travel update

Keep your card safe and protected in a vinyl sleeve made for 4x3 sized cards. The see-through plastic makes it easy to show the card while keeping it dry and wrinkle-free. Attach it to a lanyard and have it on you at all times.

4. Neck Wallet

If having all your documents readily available is important to your trip, consider bringing along a lanyard wallet! These handy pouches carry everything you need: passport, plane tickets, money, credit cards, vaccine card, ID and whatever else you need at a moment’s notice. The clear vinyl front pocket allows you to quickly show you ID if necessary, and the fold down velcro top keeps everything safe inside.

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5. Waterproof ID Case

Headed to the beach? Keep your most important items safe from water and sand in a waterproof ID case. This plastic case is crunch resistant so it can withstand some high-travel days without getting cracked. There is enough room to store multiple cards and cash in the main compartment. You’ll also be able to see what’s inside at all times with the clear material. The clasp holds everything in and seals natural elements out. It comes with a lanyard to hang around your neck for on-the-go access.

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6. RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve

Passports embedded with wireless chips are susceptible to being scanned by hackers. As travelers get back into travel, be safe from identity theft and protect your documents with RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking technology. Slip your passport into an RFID badge holder sleeve to prevent unauthorized scanning by unknown sources.


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