The Best ID Badges for Summer Activities

The Best ID Badges for Summer Activities

Summer is the season of enjoyment. Surfing, taking the boat out, visiting waterparks, and traveling to exotic destinations are just a few things to define what summer is all about. But walking around in bathing suits poses the issue of having nowhere to put your stuff.

Water resistant cases are the key to having fun without the letdown of damaged belongings in the summer.  Specialist ID has an array of options that allow you to keep your valuables on you to water parks, beaches, pools, and more. The selection we offer of water resistant ID badge holders are made to protect what’s inside from outside elements. 

Lock It Up

The Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner is great for those of you who are beach bums, or spend all summer outside near water. Water parks are filled with slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools which requires an object that can keep your items safe through it all. 

The Witz sports case will protect your ID’s, cash, and even hotel keys if you’re staying at a resort with a beach or water park. This is virtually indestructible with its waterproof crush-resistant plastic shell that floats when in contact with water. The use is simple by unlocking the clip, placing your items inside, and snapping it together again.

This waterproof ID holder can seamlessly fit into a beach bag. It comes with both a carabiner and a nylon lanyard for those who prefer to not use a beach bag. The nylon lanyard includes a safety breakaway clip so that the lanyard can snap apart if snagged and can then snap back together afterwards. The carabiner is useful for hooking onto a belt loop, bag strap, or anything else it can clip on to.

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The O-ring included on the sports case keeps water and sand away. The solid outside has seven bold color options to choose from to keep your items invisible to others. The patented Witz angle design is meant to absorb impact for moments when the badge holder drops.

Scan and Go

The Witz ID Locker Clear Waterproof Badge Holder is perfect for going on a cruise or staying at a resort. These all inclusive vacations require cards to be scanned for access which makes this clear waterproof badge holder perfect. It holds up to 13 standard credit card sized ID's meaning you can hold your room key, resort key, credit cards, and so much more in one, easily accessible place. 

This badge holder presents ID's horizontally, and allows its consumers to scan their card quickly without removing IDs from the case due to its translucent outside. Witz's patented angle design minimizes damage to the items stored inside the badge holder by absorbing any impact. It comes with a nylon lanyard, much like the Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner, and functions the same way. 

There’s More

Specialist ID offers three more waterproof options to help you find exactly what you’re searching for. The Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder is very similar to the Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner, but instead of a solid outside to make the objects inside invisible, this one can still be customized by color and be visible from the outside. 

Visit Specialist ID to learn more about the waterproof options available and how we can service you today!

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