Collection: Printer Cleaning Kits

Printers have been a necessity in every office, at home or in the corporate world. You need to have hard copies of documents on hand for contracts, forms, and other paperwork. That way you have a paper trail, and people’s signatures. In addition, you will abide by regulations for business documents. For security desks, printers can also produce necessary ID cards and badges to preserve confidentiality.

If a printer breaks down or runs out of toner, you can contact your local I.T. department if working in a large office. For smaller businesses, however, knowing how to troubleshoot would save ample time and money. If you can clean your laser or inkjet printer, you can also save on the paper that needs to enter the shredder or the recycling.

The Problem With Dried Inks

Your print head is the part that adds ink to your printouts. Consider how a typewriter presses an inked letter to paper when you touch a single key. Printers work in the same way, only they can print multiple letters and symbols at once. They can also do the same for digital drawings and other images. Printer heads perform all these tasks and more, especially when printing your ID cards.

Modern printers have features that implement automatic print head cleaning. Still, you want to know how to perform the process manually in the case that the automatic features fail. Sometimes the nozzles will get clogged, or dust particles can interfere. Still, other parts will require maintenance.

Our Cleaning Solutions

At Specialist ID, our printer cleaning solutions involve printers that print all your security cards and papers. We recommend checking the model of your printer and going with cleaning equipment that comes directly from the manufacturers.

The basic cleaning strategy is to use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. These help with getting rid of dried ink clogs and such. With that said, sometimes the grocery store cotton swabs won’t cut it; you want products that are made to do the job on certain models.

We like the NiSCA Cleaning Snap Swabs. These are made specifically for NiSCA card printers and come with a separate cleaning kit. Get the 25-pack and use it for the long term, to extend your printer’s life.

How about for your Magicard Printer? We have the Magicard N9005-761med Cleaning Kit for that. It also works for Rio and Tango ID card printers. It comes with rollers and spare cards, so as to make for your perfect kit.

You also want to have good maintenance for your DATACARD printer. This cleaning kit will do the job since it’s made specifically for that printer model.

Learn More From Specialist ID

At Specialist ID, you can find all the tools you need for a secure office as well as to maintain your equipment. We are very concerned with helping preserve confidential documents and keeping your employees safe.

Contact us today to determine the right printer cleaning kit for you. We will make recommendations to get your machine up and running, to avoid the pain of dried ink.