Collection: Retractable Pen Holders

Simplify your busy work demands and save time by NOT searching for that pen! Our retractable pen holders are a great way of always knowing where to find your pen. You won’t have to fumble or rummage right when you need to get an idea down. Take advantage of this device, during the busiest workdays!

Securely Hold Your Note-Taking

We all use pens and pencils to write or draw through the day. Office employees take notes during meetings with supervisors or while talking with clients. Architects use draft pencils when designing blueprints for buildings. Airline attendants help passengers with customs forms and signing receipts for online food.

In short, we always need the tool to take notes. Scientific studies even hint that writing down items makes it easier to remember them. That makes it a problem, then, if we drop our pen or lose the ones we like. When we love to write for work, we become finicky about our pens.

If we lose our preferred brand at work, we need to run to the supply closet and find what’s available. That can become an inconvenience. Cheaper office pens can smear more, or ordinary pencils can break. There’s a reason why people have their favorites.

Even though tablets and dictation apps are on the rise, we would rather know how to make note-taking more convenient. As workdays become more hectic, employees and managers spend more time on the go. We’d rather not lose a pen while driving to an off-site location, or when hosting an emergency meeting.

Fasten Your Pen

When you wear a retractable pen holder, you will always have a pen on your person. The pen will stay with you as you go through the day. Clip this holder to your shirt or pants, or even your purse if that method is more convenient.

A retractable pen holder is perfect for an employee who always needs to be on the go. Are you that airline attendant that has to check on the receipts for passenger alcohol? Keep a pen or pencil handy in case you need to make hurried signatures. Do you go door-to-door to sell life insurance? Having a nice pen is more likely to even the odds that potential clients will take interest in your work.

As an employer, displaying retractable pen holders can encourage your workers to always have a writing implement on hand for notetaking. You make it convenient for them to render everything in handwriting. That way, you know who is paying attention during meetings.

Don’t worry about losses anymore, if you handle with care. If you fumble on a note and drop your pen or pencil, it will dangle from the reeled cable and give you a few minutes to pull it back into your hand.

Keep your writing utensils close and your thoughts closer. Clip this pen holder to your clothes, and prepare to never lose it again!

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Specialist ID was founded to make your items safe. This includes the large, from cash and confidential documents to the small, like a pen. We consider keeping all the objects you own valuable.

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