4 Reasons to Buy a Lanyard Wallet

4 Reasons to Buy a Lanyard Wallet

Lanyard wallets reduce the hassle of losing their most important documents from the lanyard around their neck. The lanyard wallet serves as a perfect alternative to a backpack or purse when holding credentials in something lighter while traveling. This product can do more than just carry documents. It can store hotel keys, photo identification, credit cards, cash, and much more.

Airline Convenience

Waiting in lines at an airport can be a zero to one hundred experience. It is crowded, people are close to each other, and everyone gets impatient to board their flight. After waiting in line, the airport official asks them for an ID and flight ticket. Everyone knows the struggle of rummaging through a bag only to find an overflowing wallet with cards and receipts no longer needed. The discomfort of an airline worker giving a stare down until that ID and plane ticket is located is one we’d all like to avoid. 

A lanyard wallet is great for traveling and avoiding situations like this. The convenience of these documents right around the neck offers quick deliverables to the airline worker requesting credentials. The lanyard wallet makes traveling easy when there is too much to manage when flying.

Keep Your Money and Identity Safe

Avoid the pickpocketing risk by owning a lanyard wallet. Being aware of valuables is essential when traveling to foreign countries. An unexpected missing wallet can ruin an international trip. The risk of theft is still present upon arrival into a foreign country. Thieves can steal money and identity in hotel rooms, restaurants, and many other locations. We would like to trust people not to steal, but tourists should exercise caution around stolen forms of money and identity.

These items are necessary to go back home and to make purchases in an emergency. Having them stolen will cause issues at airport security and put a damper on the entire trip. Enjoy traveling the world by using a lanyard wallet at all times to keep these essential items close and in sight to avoid theft. 

Quick Identification

Lanyards are helpful for easy access to ID. Many companies use lanyards for quick badge scanning and confirming identity. Sturdiness and customization come in handy for companies and not only identify the employee but also provide branding on the lanyard. The lanyard wallet can be comfortably worn in the office and visible to staff throughout the day. Wearing customized lanyard wallets provides branding for large companies. 

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This product can be worn at conventions, trade shows, or conferences. The lanyard wallet holds ID and credit cards, rather than only a photo card. At conventions, a neck wallet is convenient for access to VIP or backstage areas. At conferences, the neck wallet is great for professionals working to find one another at the event. The lanyard attached is strong and can be adjusted based on preference, which is necessary when involved in large crowds.

Lanyard Wallets Can Be Customized

The lanyard wallet is paired with a simple string but isn’t limited to this attachment. Lanyards are available to spruce up a neck wallet and provide the sturdiness necessary to avoid pickpocketing. There are a multitude of lanyards that can be customized to express creativity or represent a company. Specialist ID offers necks wallets for many different business purposes. Our Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet With Pen Loop provides many pockets for personal documents and cards hidden by a clear plastic screen showing a photo. The Heavy Duty Union Made Genuine Leather ID Badge Holder Wallet & Lanyard is perfect for a professional appeal by using leather rather than vinyl. This wallet is durable and has four pocket spaces for documents.

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