7 Tips on Customizing Your Lanyard Online

7 Tips on Customizing Your Lanyard Online

Employing staff ID badges is a strong security move for any organization. 

It helps you keep tabs on who is who, lets customers know whom they need to speak to, and can help promote your company when team members are on or off site. 

But you’ll likely have some pushback if you don’t provide your employees with a lanyard to wear them. Unlike other means of attaching an iD (think pins, belt hooks, and stickers) lanyards are by far the most simple to use. Basically a necklace, a lanyard hangs around the neck so it’s easy to see and hold on to.

Lanyards are easy to purchase, but customizing them to make them unique to your business is another thing entirely.

How do you personalize lanyards so they look professional? 

Can you tailor the colors or wording on them to make them a promotional tool for your business? 

What about the lanyard hardware? Maybe your ID badges require a certain kind of hook that swivels to allow employees to flash or swipe a badge. Is there a website where you can choose those particular details for your customized lanyards?

Yes, there is. With Specialist ID’s Custom Printed Lanyards tool, personalizing a batch of lanyards is easy. All you need is a concept, and we do the rest. But it helps to follow a few suggestions. 

In this guide, we’ll look at 7 tips on customizing your lanyard online. 

Find a great lanyard customization tool

Many lanyard vendors offer customization, but you want one that you can do yourself. Specialist ID’s landing page makes navigating the process straightforward with a step-by-step guide. As you make each selection, Specialist ID tallies the cost in real time, so there are no hidden fees. 

Choose your colors in advance

Before you log onto Specialist ID’s customization page, it’s a good idea to have a concept of what you want your lanyard to look like. While you can play around with colors, it’s not a bad idea to have your company colors in mind. Does your office logo feature teal and white? Then that’s likely the direction you want to go in tailoring your lanyard.

Know what you want it to say

Specialist ID’s customization tool means you can print a logo, tagline, or business name right onto your lanyard. So consider what you want it to say before you dive into the personalization process. 

Consider that you want your lanyard to be easy to read, so writing a mini novel isn’t going to fly. A short, snappy phrase or logo is ideal because it’s eye catching and will help customers easily make out your brand.

Pick a width

If your staff has to wear heavy badge IDs, a thin lanyard is going to cut into their necks and cause all kinds of complaints. Spare them the agony by getting their lanyard width and fabric feedback before you go to order. You might be surprised what you find out. Maybe a 1 inch lanyard is more popular than you thought. 

Think function over fashion

How the lanyard looks is very important, but ultimately this is a tool that needs to function properly for staff. A big part of how a lanyard will work has to do with the fasteners, breakaway clasps, and the end fittings you select. What are priorities for your employees? That they can easily snap off a lanyard for safety reasons? Or is it that an end fitting is strong enough to not fall apart? Poll your people in advance of using the Specialist ID custom lanyard page. 

Check your logo file

How a logo will render on a lanyard often depends on how high resolution your file is. If this is something you have little experience with, reach out to a graphic designer to assist to guarantee that when you upload your logo file into the Specialist ID customization page, it comes out looking its best.

Have fun

The best part of using Specialist ID’s interactive customization page is that you can play around with your design in real time and see what you’ve come up with as you go. 

That means you don’t have to wait on mock-ups or quotes. Instead, you get to become the designer. Of course, should you have questions or concerns, Specialist ID’s customer service team is there to help and ensure you end up with a product you love. So embrace your freedom to have a little fun before you commit to a final look.

Want to start playing around with your future lanyard design? Head on over to specialistid.com to get started. The website not only offers the tools you need to craft your own proprietary lanyards, they also have all the accessories to go with them, from ID badge holders to badge reels to badge buddies. So while you’re ordering your customized lanyards, you can stock up on swag to trick them out — a smart idea just in time for the new year.

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