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Discounted Custom Lanyards With Your Company's Logo

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Companies often need to buy lanyards in bulk, which is why its so useful to find them at a discount.
Discounted lanyards with your logo on them can help you spread your brand.
Lanyards are great options when you need:
  • Welcome gifts for new employees
  • Give-aways at conventions and seminars
  • Free gifts to customers/clients
  • Mandatory IDs as part of your uniform
Lets browse some popular options for sizes and styles, not to mention one of the most helpful tools youll ever see for designing a custom lanyard yourself.
A number of different facilities love the look and design of these custom lanyards. We make it fun to see your design coming to life with a real-time updating lanyard model. Choose your background color, type in your text, and select your attachment options. We also give you an easy drag and drop your logo image into our system, and see it on your future batch of lanyards.
To begin with , we let you choose from an enormous selection of colors and fonts when designing your lanyard. This allows us to see your design come to life.
Have fun typing in your companys name, choosing different fonts, and
Lets explore the look and feel of the different customization options. Beyond the graphic design on the fabric, you can customized the lanyard itself. Select from different textures and materials including, but not limited to:
  • Woven-in polyester
  • Organic cotton
  • A ribbed polyester microweave
  • The econoweave
  • A tubular flatbraid
  • A tubular optiweave
  • Ultraweave
  • Bamboo
  • Antimicrobial fabric (ideal for sports-related or outdoor activities, not to mention medical teams)
  • And recycled materials.

Each of these lets you customize your teams lanyards for style, comfort and purpose. Beyond that, you can fine-tune the function of your lanyard by customizing the clips and attachments.
You may get your lanyard clips finished by:
  • Sewing
  • Crimping
  • Beads
  • Or bars
Depending on the type of end fitting you need, you could choose:
  • Nickel-plated bulldog clips with small rings
  • Nickel-plated steel trigger snap hooks
  • Black oxide swivel hooks
  • Black oxide swivel bulldog clips
  • Black oxide split rings
  • Black oxide bulldog clips
  • Nickel-plated bulldog with large openings
  • Nickel-plated large non-swiveling J-hooks
Choose from 6-8 day delivery and 10-12 day options, depending on how fast you need your lanyards.
Specialist ID has helped an incredible number of businesses and facilities of all kinds find the perfect lanyard or ID solution to fit their needs. Tell us about how you plan to use the lanyards, whether its for daily company use, a special event, or as a branded souvenir. We can answer all of your questions about which clip style, or lanyard fabric you may need. Sometimes, people arent sure how to figure out how many they need, but we have experience with that too. Contact us online to learn more, and review all of our latest discounts.

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