Discounted Custom Lanyards With Your Company's Logo

Discounted Custom Lanyards With Your Company's Logo

For all the talk about how a strong internet presence and online branding are crucial elements of modern marketing, the visual appeal of your company logo displayed on functional or promotional items cannot be ignored. Logos are the pillars of your company’s visual branding and business identity. think about the meaning of handshakes in social situations when people meet for the first time; this is similar to the effect your company can achieve when displaying logos.

Lanyards are ideal items for visual branding. These accessories are often used to carry identification badges, access cards, keys, pens, and even small tools; their functionality can be augmented by turning them into promotional items when you add your company name or logo. When lanyards are customized, they can boost and reinforce your brand. When given as promotional items, custom lanyards can extend the reach of your brand.

Buying Lanyards For Your Company in Bulk

Companies with a large workforce will often need to buy lanyards in bulk, which is why it is useful to purchase them at discounted prices. Even if you operate a small business, a bulk lanyard order can be kept in stock for replacements, in case of employee turnover situations, or when you want to give them away as promotional products.

Lanyards are great options when you need:

  • Welcome gifts for new employees.
  • Promotional items to give away at conventions and seminars.
  • Free gifts to customers and clients.
  • Mandatory ID accessories as part of work uniforms.

Lanyard Sizes and Styles

Let’s browse some popular options for lanyard sizes and styles. Specialist ID offers the following materials:

  • Woven-in polyester.
  • Organic cotton.
  • Ribbed polyester micro-weave.
  • Econo-weave fabric.
  • Tubular flat braid.
  • Tubular opti-weave.
  • Ultra-weave fabric.
  • Bamboo.
  • Antimicrobial fabric. This is ideal for outdoor activities, medical facilities, and food preparation spaces.
  • Recycled materials.

We also let you fine-tune the functionality of your lanyard by means of customizing the clips and attachments. You can get your lanyard clips finished by sewing crimping, beading, or barring methods. As for end fittings, you can choose:

  • Nickel-plated bulldog clips with small rings.
  • Nickel-plated steel trigger snap hooks.
  • Black oxide swivel hooks.
  • Black oxide swivel bulldog clips.
  • Black oxide split rings.
  • Black oxide bulldog clips.
  • Nickel-plated bulldog clips with large openings.
  • Nickel-plated large clips with non-swiveling J-hooks.

Custom Branded Company Lanyards

Here comes the fun part of the lanyard ordering process. We make it easy and intuitive for you to see your lanyards come to life in real-time with our online design tool. Choose your background color, type in your text, and select your attachment options. We also give you an easy way to drag-and-drop your logo image into our system so that you can see how it will look on your batch of lanyards.

To begin with, we let you choose from an enormous selection of colors and fonts when designing your lanyard. This allows you to see your company logo and design come to life. The process of designing a new lanyard starts with the basics: Urgency, quantity, and color. You can choose from 6-8 days expedited delivery or 10-12 day standard options after final design approval, which takes a couple of days. After this step, you choose the type of imprint:

  • One-color woven (one of our fanciest options).
  • One-color silkscreen.
  • Full-color dye-sub.
  • One to three color premium silkscreen.

Choosing The Right Look For Your Company’s Lanyards

You can choose from a color palette that offers more than 20 options before selecting the material and lanyard width. The next step consists of choosing the clip and finishing. Now you are ready to play with your company name or slogan; to this effect, we offer a large library of fonts. While many clients choose fonts that are the closest to their logo or branding, others prefer to get creative at this point because many of our fonts are playful and stylish. When uploading your company logo, be sure to use an image file that is not larger than 2 MB; vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator are preferred, but we can also work with GIF, JPEG. TIFF, and PDF files.

Specialist ID has helped quite a few companies find the perfect lanyard solution to fit their needs. Tell us about how you plan to use the lanyards; whether they are for daily company use, a special event, or as a branded souvenir, we can answer all of your questions about the clip style or lanyard fabric you may need. Some of our customers aren’t sure how to figure out how many they need; when this happens, we have been able to provide advice based on our extensive experience. Feel free to contact us to learn more about custom lanyard, and be sure to review our website for ongoing discounts.

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