Custom Lanyards in Bulk for Conventions and Trade Shows

Conventions and trade shows are a great opportunity for companies to market their products and services within a particular industry. This is a great way to see what their competitors are doing and get an inside look at what’s new. It’s also a perfect way to meet potential clients and partners. These types of events can range from formal, corporate meetings to a more fun and vivacious environment like Comic-Con. Whatever your niche is, trade shows and conventions are an important aspect of creating brand awareness and potentially increase sales.

Custom Lanyards in Bulk for Conventions and Trade Shows

Why are Conventions and Trade Shows Important?

Events like trades shows and conventions are one of the most popular ways for companies to make the most out of their marketing strategies. In recent years, many companies have benefited from participating in these events. More than 12.6 billion U.S. dollars were generated by trade shows in 2015 alone, and these numbers continue to skyrocket.

What better way to establish your business within a competitive industry? Let’s face it when you’re in a room full of entrepreneurs who sell the exact same thing you sell, it’s hard to differentiate from the pack. Whether you plan on being an exhibitor or an attendee, represent your company with pride and stand out from the rest with Specialist IDs custom lanyards, now available in bulk orders!


Make People Remember Who You Are

The purpose of conventions and trade shows is to make people remember who you are and why they should do business with you. Our custom-printed lanyards will come in handy for your next marketing event. We offer a free lanyard designer option on our website! Upload your company’s logo, add custom text, and liven up your lanyards with bold colors that will make a positive statement. There’s no wrong way to create a lanyard. Custom lanyards standard lead time is about 10-14 business days after design approval.


Customized Lanyards And Badge Holders

Personalized Lanyards

Our Custom Printed Lanyards are the canvas and you are the artist. With our online lanyards designer, you can easily upload your graphics, logo, and include the text of your choice. Once you include all the details such as the material of the lanyards, quantity, and color you can view your custom lanyard online and alter the options to experiment what style could go best with the theme of your convention or trade show.

Color Badge Holders

Most of our badge holders come with the option to customize the full color of either the armband or the color bar. If you personalize your neck lanyard to go with your company logo you can move ahead and have your badge holder match the color of your trade show lanyards to really make it a quality custom lanyard for conventions.

If you cannot find a specific color, you can also opt for a complementary color that matches with the lanyard and give your outfit a pop of color to grab the attention you need to close that deal.


Lanyards For Tradeshows

Earth Friendly Bamboo Lanyard With Breakaway

Custom Lanyards In Bulk For Conventions And Trade Shows

This lanyard is sleek and professional. Made from the highest quality fiber to date. This lanyard is made from the most sustainable resource on the planet; bamboo. Same great design and functionality as all our regular lanyards but this one biodegrades long after our lifetime, as opposed to plastic which takes years to decompose, contaminates the soil, pollutes the ocean and harms marine creatures.

High-quality lanyards that are environmentally friendly are hard to come across. We recommend this lanyard for tradeshows because, in this climate crisis, it is good to show people you are environmentally conscious because you demonstrate that you have compassion and empathy which are essential components to make business and negotiate.

You can clip on your ID Card with the plastic hook. This hook is designed so that your ID won’t flip around as you walk and stay in place accessible for spectators to view and identify you.

This lanyard also features the breakaway function which guarantees your safety in case your lanyard gets caught in something, it will break off. You can easily clip it back on when it is safe to do so. If you are looking for purple lanyards, red lanyards or eco green lanyards this one is the perfect one for you.

Recycled Pet Earth Friendly Lanyard

Custom Lanyards In Bulk For Conventions And Trade Shows

This lanyard is made out of recycled materials which means that its manufacturing process had a low impact on the environment. If you are going to a green convention meaning the theme or category of the convention is centered around ecology, Earth restoration projects or environmentalism in general then you would be interested in thinking about your outfit down to the last detail to represent your business accordingly.

This recycled lanyard will make you look conscious and ready to contribute positive elements into the convention or tradeshow. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.


About Specialist ID and What We Do

Specialist ID is a wholesale badge accessories distributor located in Miami FL. Since its opening in 2001, Specialist ID has grown a wide collection of ID badge holders and accessories like lanyards, badge reels, RFID blocking, arm badge holders, retractable reels and much more.


Why Buying in Bulk Saves You Money

The idea of buying in bulk is that the more items you buy, the more money you will save. Specialist ID is offering discounts on all bulk orders for custom lanyards! Buying 10-24 lanyards saves you 10% on your order. Save even more when you get 100-499 and get a 25% discount. Buying in bulk is a smart way to save money and potentially increase profits, especially if you’re looking to use these in marketing events. You could even give the extra lanyards as freebies for attendees who buy your products as an incentive.

From the lowest to the highest budget, we can work with you in finding the perfect custom lanyard that is affordable for all your needs. If you need any assistance, please contact us we’ll be happy to help!

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