How To Customize Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card Holder

How To Customize Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card Holder

With COVID-19 vaccination efforts underway, many Americans now have a vaccine card in their hands. Keeping track of this card is important as it shows proof of vaccination. In some cases, it’s necessary to have your vaccine card on you at all times. For others, just having a secure place to store it is what they are looking for. Either way, putting the card in a holder is a great way to have a safe place for it. 

Here are some ways you can customize your COVID-19 vaccination card holder.

Bulldog Clip

Standard measurements for COVID-19 immunization cards from the CDC are 4x3 inches. Badge and ID holders with these measurements will perfectly fit the card, such as the vinyl badge holder with a bulldog clip. If you need your card to be shown at all times, the see-through sleeve is perfect for this purpose. Clip the holder to your shirt or jacket and it will be out of your way for the entire day! 

Neck Wallet

A multi-pocket neck wallet can be used for many of your credential needs. It fits the vaccine card and leaves a little room in the front for fun customization! You can add a background to your wallet by slipping a piece of paper with a design on it behind your card to show through. Also, you can customize the front flap. Write your name in fabric paint with a stencil or freehand it by using markers. When you take off the wallet, having your name displayed on the front will make it easier to find when you are in a rush or where other vaccine cards may be around. 

DIY Lanyard

A simple, plastic card holder is always in style! Both the front and back are clear and easy to read through, making them easy to check if need be. If you need something to hang this around your neck, you can make your own lanyard! Using embroidery thread or other fabrics, braiding a lanyard is a creative way to display your card. Measure your desired length before you start to make sure it will suit you. 

Custom Lanyard 

When buying for an organization or business, custom lanyards for your vaccinated employees is a great way to add some flair to your vaccine card. There are many colors, materials, and designs to choose from. You can add your logo or a team phrase on the fabric to show off your spirit. Having something bright and colorful can add some light-hearted fun to having to display your COVID-19 vaccine card day in and day out.

Those are just some ways to customize your vaccination cards! As the country works diligently to get vaccines administered, having your vaccine card ready to be shown is an important part of being vaccinated. Your employer may require for these cards to be out to enter the workplace. With custom lanyards or different ways to hold it, these cards are ready for your needs. Visit Specialist ID to get started customizing your lanyards and vaccine cards today!

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