Earth Friendly Badge Holders and Lanyards

Earth Day raises awareness in how we can all do our part to preserve our Mother Earth and encourage our future generations to do the same. "Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." -Pedro Calderon de la Barca 15 Ways to become more environmentally friendly is a great article about how to become more environmentally friendly. Incorporating the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle in our everyday lives will help to leave less of a carbon footprint and keep our planet green! Another article helps to guide with what exactly is recyclable! What can I recycle?

In choosing more "green", environmentally friendly products, we at Specialist ID are proud to offer our earth-friendly badge holders and Lanyards. We have our earth-friendly bamboo lanyard, my personal favorite! Extremely soft and comfortable to the skin, very durable and most importantly made from sustainable bamboo plant fibers which make is recyclable and earth-friendly. Another lanyard option is our recycled PET earth friendly lanyard, which is made from a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. For our optional badge holders, we have the earth-friendly horizontal badge holder, which is phthalates free as well as the earth-friendly vertical badge holder, also phthalates free. Let's keep our earth green and make our resources last for our future generations to come!



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