3 Products for Employees on National Workaholics Day

3 Products for Employees on National Workaholics Day

National Workaholics Day is just around the corner, and we have something spectacular in store for any business owners looking to honor their hardworking employees! At Specialist ID, we believe hard work should be celebrated and rewarded in style. That's why we've assembled an amazing collection of ID products that will make your employees feel special on this holiday.

We know that your workaholics give it their all, day in and day out, and we think it's time to show them some serious love. From our custom lanyard combos to our ID holders, we've got the perfect gifts that will make your team feel appreciated and valued. Get ready to celebrate National Workaholics Day like never before with Specialist ID. Here are some of our favorite products:

ID Products to Celebrate National Workaholics Day 

Custom Badge Reel

Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate National Workaholics Day? We've got you covered. Try our fantastic custom badge reel! Say goodbye to boring, plain badge reels and upgrade your employees' style game. This product not only keeps their IDs safe and easily accessible but also adds a touch of fun with vibrant and customizable designs. You can add your company logo, slogan, or any other personalized feature or graphic to honor your employees and boost company morale. A small token of appreciation speaks volumes about your company's commitment to your employees’ comfort and happiness. Show your team some love and surprise them with this awesome badge reel on National Workaholics Day—they deserve it!

Custom Breakaway Lanyard Badge Reel Combo

We've got another epic gift idea for your amazing employees—check out our custom breakaway lanyard with badge reel combo. It's the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience wrapped into one superstar product! Not only does this combo keep your employees’ IDs safe and readily available, but it also adds a touch of flair to their work attire. Safety is our top priority, with the nifty breakaway feature ensuring that your team can go all-out without any worries. This product can also be customized to include a graphic or slogan of your choosing to make the gift even more special. Head to our website now and grab this must-have combo before it's gone—your staff will thank you for it!

Lanyard Wallet

If you’re hoping to step your gift game up a notch, you need our lanyard wallet. This is the ultimate gift for your hardworking superheroes. This is not an ordinary badge holder— this product holds IDs, keys, writing utensils, small snacks, or any other on-the-job essentials. Not only does this keep IDs secure and on hand, but it also adds a splash of personality to any work outfit. Trust us, your employees will love the convince and style of this top-tier lanyard wallet. Don't miss the chance to make National Workaholics Day an unforgettable celebration! Your workaholics deserve the best, so let's make it happen.

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