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Fuel and Credit Card Holders For Trucks

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For years and years, truck drivers have been rolling cargo up and down zipper middle white lines on long highways from the peek of dawn through the wee small hours of the night with their fuel and credit card holders for trucks.

Truckers realized a long time ago, that the middle of the road to nowhere is never the place you want to be, so theyve made it almost impossible to lose their fuel and credit card ID badge holders.

They can either use a fuel card for a visor placed just above the steering wheel, or hang them from a keychain using a fuel card holder with a key ring. You can also choose either a soft flexible vinyl gas card holder or rigid plastic fuel card holders depending on your preference. So as long as they have the keys to their truck, or are inside the truck, theyll always be able to locate and quickly access their fuel and credit cards.

Besides saving time, money and empty gas tanks, the vinyl holding the ID badges increases the lifespan of the cards by shielding them from dust, dirt, grease and and grime. If you get a little bit of rain, smoke, mustard, or potato chip fingers on it, just wipe em off with a cloth and you can keep on truckin on, man.

But the vinyl offers more than protection. Since the vinyl is clear its easier than ever to quickly scan your badge holder to check whether or not youre gas card or credit card is stored inside after you leave the pump. If you want to add a bit of color and style, you can also grab somefuel card holders with interchangeable elastic bands. Theyre actually my favorite fuel card holders, because they look awesome and come in 6 different colors, and you can swap em out for any day of the week.

As I sift through our orders, I cant help but note that it seems as though the rest of the world is finally catching on to the perks of having a fuel card holder at hand. Trucking companies arent the only ones reaping the benefits from fuel and credit card holders anymore. Police departments, taxi cab companies, limo companies, large fleets of vehicles and more have begun distributing fuel and credit card badges to their drivers to increase their productivity and ensure that each one of their drivers can quickly access their cards from a safe and secure location.

If you, like most companies, aim for safety, speed and efficiency, then youre looking to avoid emergencies, not waiting for them. If youre a driver looking for a fuel and credit card holder for your vehicle and having trouble figuring out which one is right for you, or if you have any questions and comments at all, please leave us a comment below and well help steer you in the right direction!

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