Half Card ID Holders for Easy Access to Magnetic Stripe

The rigid half card ID badge holder (p/n 1840-8000) has become a very popular ID badge accessory, and a real life-saver, for many people who find themselves repeatedly having to take their ID badge out of the holder every time they swipe their access card in the reader. This holder is great for anyone that has to frequently swipe their magnetic stripe throughout the day, such as managers, servers, and staff at facilities with magnetic strip readers used for accessing POS terminals, doors, time clocks, etc. 

This is a very simple badge holder to use. Any standard drivers license thickness (CR80 30mil) ID card slips into the slot provided by the half card holder and clicks into place. The card snaps firmly into the slot and can be pulled back out by holding onto the holder and pulling the card out with a firm pull. The card does, however, stay firmly enough into place that by pulling lightly on the card or knocking it against a desk or object will not pull the card out; nor will waiving the card or swiping it in a reader. 

The half card holder also has slot and chain holes so it will work with your existing lanyardsbadge reels, or neck chains. I would recommend using this particular badge holder with a sturdy retractable badge reel so you can most easily access your reader and take full advantage of the design of the 1840-8000 half card holder

Take advantage of Specialist IDs great price and unique service. The 1840-8000 is available online with no minimum quantity, so just order the amount you need, whether its one or 145. 

If you have any questions about this or any other ID product, please dont hesitate to contact us!
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