Heart Accessories

Love is in the air and all around us. With Valentines Day approaching, it is time to be romantic and show some appreciation and affection for our loved ones. Traditional ways to do so include chocolate, flowers and dinner reservations. Chocolate is a treat something we try not to overindulge in on a regular basis but due to the occasion, it is enjoyable! So the box of chocolates lasts maybe a day or two. Flowers are beautiful and signify beauty and being thoughtful and they might last a week or two. Dinner reservations allow for a special time to be enjoyed for a meal. How about a heart-shaped accessory to add to the mix?

Our heart-shaped badge reels make a longer-lasting impression. Share the love and remind your spouse, partner, co-worker or employee that you appreciate them with the heart symbol of love. The message is clear to them and to everyone who sees it. Smile and get a smile back, Show a heart and remind others to always love!

Wear this retractable heart badge reel all year round to display your photo ID or carry your swipe card for work. Choose from pink, red or white or see our other selections of badge reels on-line.

For the month of February, we are offering 10% off any heart reel badge purchase!

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