4 Ways That Hospital Sales Reps Can Benefit From Badge Buddies

4 Ways That Hospital Sales Reps Can Benefit From Badge Buddies

For most sales reps, regardless of their industry, showcasing some form of identification is part and parcel with their business strategy. In order to make sales, a buyer has to remember who they are, reach out and inquire about products or services. Then and only then can a sales representative close a deal. To make themselves easily identifiable there are many different options: print a snazzy business card, wear something with a printed logo, even drive a branded vehicle. But for hospital sales reps, who need to immediately project their qualifications to overworked and overscheduled doctors and nurses, badge buddies can go a long way in helping them meet that goal.

Hospital employees already typically wear some form of ID badge and many staffers, nurses in particular, have embraced the badge buddy where they can showcase their title and additional flair, like charms that indicate their personality. Just as they help those who work in healthcare showcase who they are and what they do, the same can work for hospital sales reps. 

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In this guide, we’ll explain 4 ways that hospital sales reps can benefit from badge buddies. 

Clear Identification

You’re likely familiar with the term “elevator pitch.” It’s the idea that someone selling something has a short amount of time to explain their product/service/concept in order to grab someone’s attention. And it’s no easy feat. Hospital sales reps do it all day every day, but they can’t even get the first words out until they have a hospital administrator’s attention. If a hospital sales rep doesn’t have a previous relationship with an administrative team, they need to establish rapport, and quickly. The best way to establish their credentials and fast is with a badge buddy that clearly defines their name, organization, and role. By doing this visually, it gives the hospital sales rep back precious time to make their elevator pitch.

And a great way to convey one’s expertise and acumen as a hospital sales representative is with a Specialist ID Custom Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal. This badge buddy is ideal because it can be personalized to a hospital sale’s rep’s specific needs.

Industry Experience

Broadcasting one’s credibility is essential in the world of healthcare. Not to mention the fact that doctors, nurses, hospital staff and administrator’s time is at a premium. For a hospital sales rep to truly convince them to give them some time, they need to stand out from the rest and show that their goods and services are worth hearing about. A badge buddy can easily establish this. 

Specialist ID even offers Custom Printed Badge Bottom Horizontal, allowing the wearer to choose from 19 different colors to give their badge buddy more of a professional look to blend with their ID. While a color may seem simple, in the world of first impressions it can mean the difference between making the sale or not.


Hospital sales reps can take a page out of nurses’ books and make their badge buddies an extension of their personalities by decorating them with a variety of swag and charms. For instance, say the hospital rep wants to show their fanaticism for a certain local football team. They could easily attach a button, like this Seahawks one, to show their support. Now, does a Seahawks bit of flair have anything to do with the medical products a hospital sales rep might be selling? Probably not. Is it a visual conversational cue that could help build a relationship with a doctor or administrator? Absolutely.

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And to attach such an item, a hospital sales representative would need a badge buddy with plenty of space. Something like Specialist ID’s Custom Printed Badge Buddy Vertical. This 2-1/8" x 4-1/2" inch buddy allows for ample room to include any items that give a little hint of a hospital sales rep’s personality. 

Brand Recognition

Getting a new customer is just part of the challenge for hospital sales reps. The next step is keeping them. And for big healthcare accounts, that can be a critical part of a hospital sales rep’s job. So staying top of mind and on their customer’s radar is essential. How can they do that? There are many different tactics, from frequent email reminders to check in on inventory, newsletters promoting new products, promo alerts, and, perhaps most importantly, in person visits. 

To leave a lasting impression that helps customers remember a hospital sales rep’s company, doing more than just repeating its name is required. A badge buddy can sear a brand into a potential buyer’s mind. Specialist ID’s Custom Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal can take your first impression to the next level. 

In a business where you’re often measured by your last sale, hospital sales representatives can’t ignore the power of badge buddies. And with many different options to choose from, Specialist ID is the place to find just the right style. To start shopping, visit specailistid.com.
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