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Why Lanyards Aren't the Best Option for Healthcare Workers—And What to Get Instead

In any healthcare environment, maintaining efficiency, safety, and cleanliness is the most important part of the job. Healthcare workers are constantly on the move, attending to patients, checking records, and ensuring everyone’s health and well-being. While lanyards can provide a convenient solution for transporting employee IDs and belongings throughout their shifts, they are not the best option for healthcare workers. Let’s explore the drawbacks of using lanyards in healthcare settings and offer some of our favorite alternative products that offer superior functionality and safety for staff and patients alike:

The Downsides of Lanyards in Healthcare

In any healthcare environment, infection control is crucial. Lanyards, which hang around your neck, can easily come into contact with patients, surfaces, or contaminants. This creates a potential source of transmission of harmful pathogens to other patients, staff, and family members. Healthcare workers must prioritize maintaining a sterile and hygienic environment, and using lanyards will only exacerbate these risks.

Additionally, lanyards can pose a serious safety risk, especially in environments where healthcare workers may need to react quickly to emergencies. There have been instances of lanyards getting caught on equipment, doorknobs, or other objects, potentially leading to accidents or injuries. They can also pose a risk when dealing with angry or agitated patients, who may use a staff member’s lanyard to potentially harm them in an escalating emergency.

Ideal Roles for Lanyards

While lanyards may not be the best choice in a healthcare setting due to these challenges, they do have their place in other workplace environments. Lanyards are a popular choice for:

Schools and Educational Facilities

Lanyards are commonly used in schools, colleges, and universities to easily identify staff, students, visitors, and various school-sponsored events. Lanyards are often used to display student and staff IDs, which are required to access facilities, libraries, and classrooms. They make it easy to identify who is permitted to be inside the building at any given time. Schools can also issue visitor badges on lanyards to identify individuals who are not part of the regular school community, enhancing security. Additionally, lanyards can be customized with school logos and colors for use in promotional events, fundraisers, or orientation programs.

Corporate Businesses

Corporate businesses frequently use lanyards for identification and branding purposes. Lanyards are a convenient way for employees to wear their ID badges, access cards, and keycards. They are often customized with the company's branding to create a professional and cohesive appearance. They are also essential at conferences, trade shows, and corporate events. Attendees wear lanyards with event badges for easy identification and access. Customized lanyards are an effective marketing tool by displaying the company logo and messaging, helping reinforce brand identity.

Events and Conventions

Lanyards play a crucial role in event management. At large-scale events, lanyards serve as access passes and can be color-coded to indicate different levels of access or registration. Event staff, volunteers, and security personnel can wear lanyards with identification to ensure a safe and controlled environment. Event sponsors often have their logos featured prominently on lanyards, providing visibility and recognition. In these environments, lanyards offer practicality, customization, and a sense of unity among participants.

Safer Alternatives for Healthcare Workers

To address the specific needs of healthcare workers and to provide a safer and more efficient solution, our team at Specialist ID has curated a collection of top alternative products:

Custom-Printed Badge Reel

Badge reels provide a practical and safe way to carry identification without the risk of strangulation or contamination. Our custom-printed badge reel can be customized with your organization's logo and are retractable, allowing healthcare workers to quickly scan badges or access keycards without removing them from the reel, further reducing the risk of contamination and accidents.

ID Badge Holder

Our ID badge holder is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It securely holds staff IDs and even badge buddies, offering a clear and easily visible display of essential information. It can be attached to a badge reel, belt, or scrubs, ensuring it remains in a convenient and sterile location and visible to patients and family members.

Custom-Printed Badge Buddy

Our custom-printed badge buddy offers a convenient and organized way to display important information in an eye-catching fashion. It can be customized to include essential details such as job titles, certifications, and access levels. This eliminates the need for multiple badges and enhances professionalism. This is a great addition to a badge reel because it provides important information boldly without the need for it to be around one’s neck.

While lanyards have been a longstanding accessory in most workplaces, they have several drawbacks that can compromise safety and efficiency in a healthcare environment. Healthcare workers deserve solutions that prioritize their well-being and streamline their daily tasks. Our products provide healthcare professionals with a safer, cleaner, and more organized way to carry identification and access cards. By making this switch, healthcare facilities can enhance their overall operations and maintain a higher standard of care.

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