How to Protect Your Credit Cards with RFID Blocking Card Holders

Today, the incidence rate of identity theft and personal financial fraud is higher than it has ever been. More Americans are at risk for these crimes due to data breaches and Identity selling on the dark web. Some of the most common form of financial fraud or identity theft does not always take place online, but rather in line.

When you are standing in line at the grocery store or pharmacy, waiting for a bus or train on your way to work, or even walking around at a concert or an amusement park, you are unknowingly broadcasting all of your personal financial and identity information to the entire world.


More of our identity cards, access cards, and credit or debit cards are equipped with RFID chips that allow us to tap to pay or tap to pass. While this makes transactions easier and more convenient for us, it also makes it more convenient for thieves to grab that information using an RFID information skimmer. These skimmers are about the size of a deck of playing cards and can scan all of the information on the RFID-equipped cards in your wallet in a matter of seconds, and all the crook has to do is merely brush by you within a few inches.

The good news is that you can easily prevent this type of information skimming while still being able to enjoy all of the convenience of having RFID equipped cards in your wallet. One way is to use a special wallet that contains RFID signal blocking fibers embedded into the material or leather, or which are made of RFID blocking metals. While this is effective, it also means that you may not be able to continue to use your favorite Kate Spade, Dunhill, Ralph Lauren or other wallet or pocketbook securely.

There is a better option.

Specialist ID offers a simple, low cost, and highly effective solution to this problem that lets you still enjoy your favorite wallets or pocketbooks, have the convenience of RFID enabled cards and also have the peace of mind that comes without knowing that your RFID signals are blocked from scanning by skimmers. RFID blocking card holders are simple to use and can protect your cards and IDs from being scanned by skimmers completely.

The highly economical slim style RFID blocking card holder is a perfect for slim style wallets and wallets that have tighter card slots. This is also a great RFID blocking card holder to pair with any of our neck wallets for your next trip to a convention, symposium, conference, or even on vacation.

The SkimSafe RFID blocking sleeve is a little roomier and provides a marginally better level of protection over the RFID shielded sleeve mentioned above. Both are highly effective at protecting you, but the SkimSafe is able to resist even the highest-powered skimmers at an extremely close range. Most wallets and pocketbooks are able to utilize the SkimSafe.

These are just two of our great RFID blocking cards holders. Specialist ID is the leader in products that are designed to give you the best protection and convenience for your credentials, payment cards, and other important carry along documents. Contact us using the click to chat button at the bottom of the screen at any time, or use our online contact form. Call us at 1-800-380-6726 to speak to one of our friendly and professional customer care associates today!

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