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RFID Blocking Shielded Credit Card Sleeves (P/N 1840-5084)

RFID Blocking Shielded Credit Card Sleeves (P/N 1840-5084)

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  • Part number: 1840-5084
  • Shielded RFID Blocking Sleeve
  • Thin and Durable
  • Tear and Water Resistant
  • P/N 1840-5084
  • USA Made & GSA Approved
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You will never have to be a victim of unwanted RFID skimming theft when you protect the sensitive data being stored on your RFID enabled credit card, CAC card, e-passport or more with our SkimSAFE RFID blocking sleeves. The thin and durable AH-220 is tear-proof and water resistant and has been highly recommended for people living in big cities, work-related traveling that requires time in airports, and for vacationing at highly populated theme parks where your data can be easily read by unwanted sources.

You are a careful person. At the ATM, you cover the keypad when entering your PIN. When logging into accounts online, you make sure to change your password every couple of months. You make sure that you only know the answers to your security questions, and commit the answers to memory. Or you may have a website that stores all your passwords securely and requires two-factor verification. In this modern world, you can never be too careful with your financial and personal information.

Even so, hackers are getting smarter, and they can exploit vulnerabilities in existing technologies. One way they can potentially get your information is through radio-frequency identification (RFID). RFID adds and tracks tags in objects They are used in retail security tags to reduce shoplifting, as well as to organize the transportation of goods. Vacation spots can employ RFID them to track guests and their purchases, to figure out what they would like. Employers may use them in ID cards rather than magnetic stripes to access their workplaces. In some places, people can even have RFID chips embedded into their skin, to identify VIPs or track health issues. It has a large potential as more places and technologies use RFID.

Drawbacks to RFID

While RFID has allowed for more efficiency by gathering information, it also creates a data traffic jam with all of the tracking, especially when you are tracking small movements of inventory within one space. Even with filters programmed into the software, the data influx may waste time in having to identify what is and isn’t useful. This can cause a traffic jam and waste time when both humans and computers have to figure out what information to toss. There is also no universal standardization; American, Japanese and European RFID are incompatible.

The biggest risk with RFID is unwanted and unauthorized tag readers using them to “skim” information, and the loss of privacy. An RFID credit card scanner can identify a tag in a credit card about 330 feet away, which is quite a large distance and would leave a user completely unaware of the loss of information. This would be called “RFID skimming”. Hackers may be reading your information even now.

At this moment, the regulations in place aren’t enough to prevent hacking; even RFID chips in the human body can be fooled by cloned electronic signals, as two white hats demonstrated at a conference. In a worst-case scenario, RFID can even be used to transmit viruses to infect databases and expose their confidential information, such as those in airports for passports. Other chips using RFID can spread the virus, making it a digital epidemic. While people can try to assemble a counter-defense with RFID blocking material, you need an expert to help.

Why This Blocking Sleeve

Once you slide your ID cards inside of this for safe storage, all RFID radio signals will be blocked, at any distance. You won’t get tracked by your ID, for any purpose so no unauthorized reader or vigilant busybody will find your information. Yet when you're ready to swipe your card again, simply slide your card out of the sleeve to allow the card to be read.

The RFID shield works with all standard credit card sized badges and fits easily into wallets and purses. With credit card theft and identity theft easier than ever to obtain, it's important to do anything you can to protect yourself, your money, your identity, and your career against all possible attacks in this digital age with this RFID blocking sleeve from Specialist ID.

Seeking more information? Our experts at Specialist ID can provide the answer. Contact us today to learn more about RFID blocking and our credit card sleeves, to find the perfect fit for you.

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