ID Customization Options with Specialist ID

ID Customization Options with Specialist IDWhen you're looking for a way to personalize identification (ID)badges, it can be argued that the name itself should be sufficient. But what about trying something different, something that's more appealing to the eye something more creative?

Custom Printed BadgeBuddies

Badge Buddies are mainly used for healthcare industries. This badge comes in a variety of background colors with white or black text. Its offered in a vertical or horizontal layout designed to attach to an employee picture ID. They are compatible with all standard size ID badges.

Now Badge Buddies are typically used to identify personnel titles, but they can also be used to represent your company. If you're in the healthcare industry, this might not be an option for you, but other industries might want to consider getting a little creative with their IDs. Since you already able to customize your Badge Buddy with job titles, why not use the ID to print the actual name of your company? You even have the option of selecting18 different colors!

Have some fun!

See what your company name looks like on a customized Badge Buddy here.

With any personalized ID badges order, there is a minimum quantity of 6 Badge Buddies required at the unit cost of $2.68, but you can save up to34% depending on the amount you order. These IDs require a 6-10 day lead-time to process.

Learn exactly how you can place your custom badge Buddy order

in this video.


Creating a customized lanyard takes a little more time. These orders sometimes require a more complicated design, so in this case, you have the option of supplying the image or typing it in yourself as you would with the Badge Buddy customization. Our website is set up so that you can upload your personalized image to print on to 4 types of lanyards:

  • 1-Color Silk Screen
  • 2-Color Silk Screen
  • Multi-Color Dye Sublimation
  • 1-Color Woven In
  • 2-Color Woven In

You can also select the width of your lanyard that ranges from 3/8 to 1 and whether you prefer break-a-way, non-break-a-way, along with with9 base colors to choose from. We even give you the option of selecting the type of finish you prefer. Choose from:sew-on, nickel-plated steel, black oxidized, white or black universal slide hook, or a pull-through male DTACH.

There is a 100-unit minimum quantity order for custom lanyards starting out at $2.64. There is also a $75 set-up fee and additional charges might apply for custom colors that we don't readily have on hand. As with the Badge Buddies, Specialist ID provides discounts for your customized lanyard depending on the amount you purchase. For personalized lanyards, you can expect 10-14 business days of lead-time for this customization.

Personalize your ID badges and accessories through Specialist ID today. Place your order online with one click of a button, or call one of our representatives at1-800-380-6726 to discuss the details of your order now!

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