Identification Items Every Company Should Use

When you are managing a company with a high volume of employees, no matter what the industry is, you always want to supply them with proper identification (ID). Whether you have a private or public company, and especially retail, the importance of being able to accurately identify personnel is a crucial liability. While name tags can be used, they're also disposable and not so professional looking. If you are going to supply your employees with attractive and visible identification, invest in products that are going to last and can withstand an excessive amount of handling.

Specialist ID, an online badge holder and accessory distributor based in South Florida, has been servicing companies, schools, and government agencies with badge holders and accessories for some time now. During that time, we have come to know which identification items are most preferred for certain companies.

Here are a couple of identification items that every company can benefit from:

ID Badge Strap Clips

No matter what kind of badge ID you have, the ID Badge Strap Clips (Industry Standard Clip) can be used to hold almost any type of ID badge that has a slot hole punched on top. This badge clip has a vinyl strap that is designed to slip through the slot hole of an ID badge. The other end has a nickel-plated steel clip that will firmly grasp onto clothing, keeping your ID badge easily accessible and visible.

Badge Reels

Badge reels provide you with the ability to extend your ID badge while still keeping it securely attached to your person. If you have an ID badge that constantly needs swiping, like restaurant waiters, then having it readily available is going to be most beneficial. Unlike the ID Badge Strap Clips, badge reels have a built-in retractable cord that allows you to extend your ID badge at arm's length in any direction. Even if you're not in the foodservice industry, a badge reel is an efficient way to easily access your ID badge without losing it.

Here is a list of recommended badge reels that your company could use:


For personnel who don't like to have anything attached to their clothing, lanyards are another alternative. Lanyards comfortably hang around the neck with a lightweight metal hook that securely fastens to an IDbadge while keeping it visible.

SpecialistID recommends these 3 lanyards:

  • Standard Non-Breakaway Lanyard with a MetalSwivel Hook (2135-3001-30XX)
  • Premium Breakaway Lanyard with Metal Swivel Hook(2137-5001,50XX)
  • Heavy-Duty Breakaway Round LanyardWith Detachable Bulldog Clip (2135-451X)

No matter what kind of ID badge your employees have, you can't go wrong with stocking an ID Badge Strap Clip, badge reel, or lanyard. These smart accessories save time, making the workflow and foot traffic flow with more ease. You can place your order online with us today and well ship your order out to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions, contact our service team today or call 1-800-380-6726.

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